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  1. so you are not really hosting a runtime then. you are just hosting the fp7 files whether you are using FMS or FMP. Which one is better at the job when dealing with a small office of 2 to 3 users?
  2. If i was to get FMS, can i host the entire runtime solution? Meaning I see the executable, dlls, all the fp7 files, etc. What would i actually be hosting? I would like to host the exe as its a nice self contained program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Vaughan, thank you. What is the difference between FMS and hosting the file and doing peer to peer? Is it that FMS can host runtimes while peer to peer cannot?
  4. I see after doing searches that the answer is no. ------------------------------------------------------------ Sorry no. You should host the file using FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server on a dedicated machine and have each workstation log in to the hosted file using their own licensed copy of FileMaker Pro. -------------------------------------------------------------- If I was to host the file using filemaker pro on the server and have multiple workstations log onto the hosted file, does that mean that you can interact with the database from the server as well? Or it will only do the hosting? Nextly, what about working on the same data at the same time? Can this be an issue or will the "host" server realize that and put a "row level lock" on the data? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello, I have created a runtime application that I would like to deploy on a server. I would then optimally like 2-3 pcs plus the server to have access to this runtime concurrently. I have turned on filemaker network sharing for all fp7 files that constitute the runtime but that doesnt work. What solution can I use that would allow me to implement network sharing of the runtime? Thanks
  6. So i replaced all the old paths with the new ones and saved. I checked in Database --> References and see that it now no longer is referencing a missing file. What i dont understand is when i compile the runtime and run it, it says "main menu cannot be opened (not found)" and then prompts me to find it. I look in external data sources and everything is showing as i last saved it with the correct file links. What is going on?
  7. Doughemi, I tried as you said and got caught up on the first piece. I opened up mainmenu.fp7, one of my 13 .fp7 files to view the external data sources. Once in there, I saw a list about 40 long referencing old File Path's. Some of them were duplicated multiple times such as Order2, Order 3, Order 4. Not a single reference existed to other fp7 files. What should i do here? Should i go into each one of the 40 references and update/append the path to the new location and iterate through this for all 13 fp7 files? Sorry for the newbie questions but, then again, thats why I am a newbie Thank you very much for the help thus far
  8. So are you saying then that I should try to run the program in FMP 10? By that, do you mean opening up mainmenu.fp7, and all the other converted files? If I was to open up mainmenu.fp7, it will then say that it cannot find clients.old. Do i then direct it to client.fp7? Will that resolve the file linking issue? Just by opening it up? Or do I have to save anything? Is there any way to actually physically see the file linking thats occurring and manually change it?
  9. Hello All, This is my first time creating a runtime so I am quite the novice. I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced 10. What i had to begin with was about 10-12 filemaker 3 files (some aptly named .old and others without an extension at all) that I converted to the .fp7 format. I now want to create a runtime exe that will allow me to run the converted files. I do so but then when I try to run the executable it is saying it cannot find mainmenu.old. That doesnt make sense since I converted all the files to the .fp7 format. Is there some hardcoding of the old filenames held somewhere? If so, where is it held and where can I go to update the file references to point to the new names. At what point in the process would i update this: prior to building the runtime with the .fp7 names or after when the are .USR? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you need any more info from me that I might have left out. Thank you
  10. Hello All, I have an old program that has FM3 runtimes that works fine on Windows XP. I tried to see if it would run on Windows 7 yet everytime i try to do that, nothing happens. I tried to have to program run in compatibility mode (Windows XP - SP3, WIndows XP - SP2) to no avail. Is there any limitation that anyone knows of with FM3 and WIndows 7 or is it something beyond filemaker? Please advise Thanks
  11. Hello, I am a newbie here so will preface this post by saying that. I have a bunch of fm3 runtimes. I have imported them to FileMaker 9 Pro and it says it needs to convert them. That is fine. These runtimes have passwords on them. Once converted to an fm7 file and trying to open them up in FM 9, most options appear greyed out. By that I mean the Manage and Export features are greyed out under the File menu. All the view modes are greyed out as well. Its as if its password protected yet I cannot enter the password. Can someone help me figure out why this is? What have I done wrong? Thanks
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