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  1. Thank you ALL contributors to this feed! This problem has quite simply been doing my head in for a few hours. I used the following: ValueCount( FilterValues( List( RELATED TABLE I WANTED TO SEARCH::THE FIELD I WANTED TO COUNT THE NUMBER OF REPETITIONS ); THE MATCHED FIELD)) Example below: ValueCount( FilterValues( List( Car Inventory::Car Type); "Landrover")) Result: The number of records that match the car type 'Landrover' within the table inventory
  2. No, would that make it easier?
  3. Filemaker pro experts, I've created a reasonably complex database but with very little knowledge of FMP11. I have a rudimentary background in programming but I have to admit it was a long time ago although bits are coming back quicker than I expected. I have created a report that effectively produces a job sheet for employees. It works really well in find mode in the browser but I want to create a script to automatically save each individual employees work for the month to a predetermined location. Rather than bombard you with loads of code, I've explained in simple terms what I've done. TABLE A - Booking_items includes two critical fields: bkit_date ( so this is the booking date ) Bkit_employee ( this is the person doing the job on that date ) In browser mode, I click find, type in the '*/3/2012' and 'Matt' in the employee field and click on perform find and sure enough all of the jobs for matt in the month of march appear. I then subsequently save the list as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. What I want to do is this: -Set up a script that checks if all employees have work in a given period -Then perform the above operation for each employee that has work I just don't know how to do it. Do I use loops? do I use filters, perform finds? I'm completely lost and out of my depth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Matt
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