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  1. Hello again, I finally get the solution : the function to export to Word in Scribe didn't work because of a bug which was issued in v2. Now, I can use it. Thanks.
  2. OK. This plugin is driving me crazy !!!!! My configuration is FMP Advanced 11 on Mac with Scribe 1.451. For testing, I've created the most simple DB : one table, a field name (text), a field lastname (text) and a container for the Word file. My Word file is called TestScribe.docx and contains a %%%Nom%%% string (like in the example). I copy/pasted the example script. When I run it, ScribeDocLoad finds the file (no error) but ScribeDocSubstitute answers : "No occurence of '%%%Nom%%%' were found in the document. Try using a shorter placeholder string, as longer strinqs with spaces
  3. ok. What do you mean by "It does not need to be hard-coded" ?
  4. Thanks Ryan360Works. I tried your solution with a little database with only 3 fields but it didn't work. I don't know why. Can I use fields name in ScribeDocSubstitue ? Ex : ScribeDocSubstitute("CUSTOMERNAME";Table::CustomerName)
  5. Ok. Thanks. How do I add placeholders in Word document (I'm on Mac with Word 2011) ?
  6. Hi, sorry for being so long. I think I just didn't see your answer… We are talking about expert reports which are all redacted the same way with same structure and 3 kind of datas : - fixed informations (laws, blab bla…) - datas about the case (who vs who, their adresses, phone number, lawyers…) which come from the DB, - text of the report itself (with photos etc) which must be written manually. So I need to have some templates (.docx) with all the texte that don't change and the placeholders for case information. I duplicate the template, change the name, insert the datas in
  7. Hi everyone, I'm back on this old topic. Thanks for your former help. First, I answer the last question : why Word ? Because, after creating the document with FMP datas, users need to append it manually with Word. Second. The situation now. As I couldn't manage to make Scribe work, I finally used EZXslt which did the job. But EZXslt is discontinued. So I would take advantage of making enhancements to the DB for replacing EZXslt by Scribe. But, as before, my tests don't work. I tried to use ScribeDocSubstitute or ScribeDocWriteValue. But nothing is written in my Word documen
  8. Answering to myself : the path must start with /Volumes/.
  9. Hello, working on Mac with FMP 11. I'm developping a db to help creating MS Word documents we'll have to put in some specific subfolders. To create these subfolders I'm trying to use M CreateFolder(). The db will be hosted to be accessed by internet but folders (and documents) must be created on the local hd of each user. So, I try to use absolute (instead of relative) paths in createfolder parameter but it doesn't work. My hard disk is called 'HD 2' so i've tried : - /hd 2/Users/pro/thedbase/thenewfolder - /hd 2/Users/pro/thedbase/thenewfolder/ - hd 2/Users/pro/thedba
  10. Hello everyone, I'm developing a little FMP database on Mac to help creating reports with MS Words. These reports will contain : - non changing elements : logo and address, first level hierarchy titles… - some specific datas from FMP : number and name of the affair, name and adress of the client… - the text of the report directly typed in Word by the user. So my need is : - when all the fields are completed, user clics on "Create report" then : - it creates a new folder with number and name of the affair, - creates the report file by duplicating from the report template
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