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  1. Vaguely hungry, but don't fancy having anything to eat.

  2. New HDD time soon methinks.

  3. iPads take forever to charge.

  4. I wonder how hard Kigu's are to make. Any advice?

  5. After partially building a professional network, it has occurred to me that I know very few people on a professional level.

  6. Anyone fancy having a dragon come pester them this evening?

  7. Looking for people with a birthday in October!

  8. Sorry to followers people. Was driving and had a slew of people to reply to.

  9. Huge desire for something sweet to eat.

  10. If it could go wrong this week, it has gone wrong this week… Hell, this month!

  11. Its just struck me, but why are horse breeders only bothered about the male, surely the female has some bearing on this too?

  12. Its struck me that I lead multiple lives, it feels like you're an actor just playing multiple parts to please all.

  13. Just thought I'd drop back in to say a huge thank you for this. Its all working brilliantly and I'm not ashamed to admit that I couldn't have done it without your help!
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