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  1. I was afraid of this. Are there things I can do to stop them from leaving until finished? also, how do I identify if someone signs in if they are web direct? I tried searching all the functions but do not see what I need. Thank you, Wim.
  2. I am aware but untested with needing to handle commits and have better error handling when on iPad but how is it handled when creating parent and child records on web direct? Can someone point me to transactional issues like Mr. Giest has videod but on web direct? I do not even know if it is safe to do. Thank you very much for ideas even pointing me elsewhere.
  3. Hi Rick ipad keeps saying the file is downloaded onto my ipad from dropbox but it is not seen in the list of files when I open FMGo. Any ideas what to try next? Thank you.
  4. Hi Don I realized that this whole thing was dumb since I could relate the records directly if OrderLines belong to an order which is not yet set to CONFIRMED, which fits with your suggestion. so I will use that string 'confirmed' in the order line table and when an order is confirmed, write it to the order lines. Then I can relate that to string <> 'confirmed' in preferences to display currently being created products from orders. I have not tried this yet but I will this week and let you know if it works.
  5. I have script which writes order line products numbers to list in single record Preference table. like this 36 127 19 44 This is related to our product table as Preferences global_product_number = Products product_number and our crew views this list of products in a portal on layout from Preference. Script trigger on order layouts fires ever 3 minutes if Get(openRecordState) or Get(OpenRecordNumber) and layout object is "portal" and purpose is to keep that list updated with 'currently being built products' so the guys can begin to assemble materials and schedule crew. It
  6. These are very helpful links Wim as I gave up trying to do this also. Much appreciated.
  7. I am brand new to Go. I put my file in dropbox from my computer then opened dropbox on ipad and selected devices and 'download' and it says it put the file on my ipad. I downloaded FMGo and I can open FMGo but it does not show my file. It only shows template files. I have tried everything. Please help me get started. What do I do to copy my file into the filemaker directory so FMgo can see it? I cannot find files at all on ipad. I cannot find where it put my Fm file.
  8. Now that makes sense. I searched for hours and found nothing about it. Much appreciated.
  9. I never know which to use in different situations and Print has button called PDF and one of its options is 'save as pdf' and I do not know if that is same as Save As PDF script step; I am unclear when to use one or the other. Print to PDF is faster when testing but that is local. I do not know what happens with network printer. I think one difference I just read is that Save As PDF allows variables. and it allows appends I also read some people export to PDF and I cannot figure out how they do that but I decided to keep my question simpler.
  10. Can anyone explain why these are different? Maybe it has to do with platform?
  11. this is helping a lot guys. I have been playing with it. So if I set a break point after a loop because I need the loop to run, which of the 'step' buttons do I click to "run from where I am to breakpoint.". I do not understand this 'step in' and 'step out' and 'step over.' No place is this explained and I must be dumb. ​Can you put this in same words as the icons with 'step over'? Is it step over? If I click 'step in' then it does one step at a time which is what I usually use. I appreciate your patience. Also what happened to functions where I could select 'all text' functions or al
  12. op. just got your email David. Thank you. Why would I want to skip steps? All steps are important in a script. Or does it mean just skip them in showing me as it goes? So would I skip a loop for example instead of setting a breakpoint below it?
  13. And now I need to get rid of a Set Next Step and I can't. And I don't even know what it does and I am in middle of long script. Set Next Step ... to do what? What is it setting and why? And how to I remove it? I tried selecting it again and nothing happens. It does not toggle like breakpoint.
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