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  1. If you're talking about Layout mode, as Karsten is referring to, I don't think that's possible with a script. If you're talking about browse mode, you're on the right track. As I recall, the SM function is called as ScreenCapture ( left ; top ; width ; height ). So you'll have to have two different sets of values based on platform (PC or Mac; you have to account for the application window on the PC). Mac: * You might need some adjustment to the top based on the presence of toolbars, etc. left = Get ( WindowLeft ) top = Get ( WindowTop ) + ( Get ( WindowHeight ) - Get ( WindowContentHeig
  2. Don't hold your breath; Java has been excluded from iOS.
  3. Apple posted a "fix" (roll back to an older Java version) so you can run the 32-bit Java version: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5559
  4. Open up the Java Preferences.app in your Utilities folder, you should see two Java versions, a 32-bit and a 64-bit. If you drag the 32-bit version to the top of the list it will load first. You can confirm in Terminal with "java -version" (although it doesn't say it's the 32-bit, it is). You can also launch it from the terminal with "java -version -d32". This solved an issue I had with a not up to date SuperContainer Companion plugin running on 10.6.
  5. That it did it; thank you for the prompt reply and help. Also, for anyone referencing this in the future, it's necessary to pass the filename to the RotateImage function, which is easy enough to do with SCGetInfo.
  6. I'm looking to use the Scriptmaster function "RotateImage" on a PNG file I currently have stored on a server and managed with SuperContainer. I have the RotateImage function registered in my startup script, and everything is running smoothy with SuperContainer. Is there a way to pass the HTTP location from SuperContainer to the input variable "imgLocation" for the RotateImage function? With the following: RotateImage ( "http://[serverAddress]/SuperContainer/Files/[AssetID]/PNG/[filename.png]" ; 90 ; "" ) ... I'm getting the error: "javax.imagio.IIOException: Can't get input s
  7. Great, thank you - this will be very helpful for some zoom in/out buttons I'm adding for a SC web viewer.
  8. Is there a way to retrieve the pixel dimensions of an image stored through SuperContainer?
  9. Have you confirmed the first attachment is being saved correctly (with SCLastError or checking the actual SuperContainer save location)? Or tried adding a slight pause between setting the SCSetContainer uploads.
  10. An easy way to switch a boolean field is: Abs ( Sign ( Table::Field - 1 ) )
  11. Set up a script for the import, and another script with an "Install OnTimer Script" step set to call it. You'll probably want to use an Applescript to move the .csv file after the import.
  12. Hi John, Thanks for the code info; just to clarify (I'm new to ScriptMaster), this is replacing the following? import java.awt.*; int x1=Integer.valueOf(left); int y1=Integer.valueOf(top); int x2=Integer.valueOf(width); int y2=Integer.valueOf(height); new Robot().createScreenCapture(new Rectangle(x1, y1, x2, y2))
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