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  1. Finally got all the Java uninstalled. Problem still occurred. Then I saw the install file I was using was 18.0.1 instead of 18.0.3. Downloaded the newer file and presto, installed fine. Thanks again Wim.
  2. Excellent info Wim! Thank you. Bill
  3. Thanks Wim, I'm thinking the same thing since it cropped up right after the other installs. Won't have time till next week but will isolate all the new stuff and force FMS to do the Java (I believe it installs it's own if not available....).
  4. Why would I be getting this on install? MacOS Catalina, latest MacBook Pro, just recently installed Python 3, Django, PIP, Eclipse which had me install the latest JDK from Oracle. Thanks!
  5. I'm having trouble with FMPA creating a runtime. Even with the simplest file, I create it and when it runs it immediately crashes with the following in the crash report: Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (Code Signature Invalid) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Termination Reason: Namespace CODESIGNING, Code 0x1 I did the exact same thing with FMPA and it worked fine. Any suggestions as to what's going on here and how I might fix it? Thanks!
  6. I'm hoping someone may have some insight into this. I'm putting together a complex app and I use SQL heavily using the Dracoventions SQL Runner plugin. Every now and then I notice that an SQL statement pauses for a time and then displays a message stating that there is a record locked (usually when I have multiple windows open). Does anyone know the rules regarding SQL operation with record locking? Specifically, if I'm just retrieveing data through a SELECT statement and one of the records in the target set is in use by another user, will that trigger the SQL pause? I can understand it i
  7. Hopefully I can catch you before 'y'all head out for the Holidays: just for my clarification: I'm having the user modify a graphic in the app of their choice; requires the file extension to be set to the application (OS function). Does SC natively open the app associated with the file? I ask 'cause it's only opening the browser. Do I need to script it, use raw data, etc. Does SCGetContainer only push to a container field or can I make it push to a file (or whatever) so I can launch the file with it's app. What would be nice is if I could have the user click on the SC, it would open the
  8. Thank you. Upon examining my timeline: I am switching to work on another module while I sort this out, so I will plan on a session Tuesday AM and will contact you earlier in that morning for details. After checking and re-checking and re-installing, etc., etc., I've come to the conclusion that there is something way too obvious wrong here. It usually works that way, while trying to find some complicated solution, the simple and obvious are overlooked. I will let you know one way or the other. Have a great Holidays! William O'Keefe Frenel Solutions
  9. Thanks again. I have reinstalled FileMaker and checked with 11.01, 11.03, 11.04, all same results. Then I checked the SC version and it was 2_381 so I upgraded that to 2_85. So far it seems like things are acting better SC wise (noticed that a "java" folder was NOT in the other version folder, if that means anything). BUT, no matter what I do, or how I reference it, FileMaker WILL NOT refresh the web viewer, again, I know SC is working 'cause if I go to layout and back, it refreshes properly. I'm simply calling the native FMP web viewer "Set" command with the exact object name I gave it a
  10. OK, everything failed, no way around it. BUT by bypassing the installer and going to the MSI file, it installed fine.
  11. The saga continues.... I am having intermittent, and more recently constant, problems with 'reload'ing an SCContainer. I have copied and pasted one's that worked (for a while), deleted and added new ones, simply done everything I can think of. I download an SC and allow the user to modify with a graphic app. Then delete the original and re "Set" the container with the modified version. That all works fine, the modified SC is being created properly. However, doing a Viewer Reload right after or with a little pause does not refresh the container. I know everything is set properly beca
  12. I have a customer that just downloaded the latest FileMaker Pro (not Adv), after purchase, in the standard fashion to his desktop. He is running a relatively new PC box, plenty powerful and has Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit installed. When double-clicking on the install icon it goes through it's usual motions but the last few entries of the unpacking I notice that it reads "?" from the FMCID file that it loads on the desktop. It then stops and says it can't install due to missing install files. He has re-downloaded without success. I know the docs say 64 bit isn't supported but I
  13. From the documentation: NOTE: if specifying a named parameter like filename, the destinationFolder, width, and height are then required, because these parameters are positional. Example: SCDownload ( "Photos/Original/" & Photos::Photo ID ; // Folder Path Get( DesktopPath ) & "MyPhotos/" ; // Destination folder 0 ; 0 ; //width & height parameters "filename=" & $fileName ; "returns=filepath" ) Looks like you forgot to include the width and height parameters: SCDownload($path; "filewin://remotecomputer/shared/path/"; <WIDTH> ; <HEIGHT> ; "filename
  14. Yep, I also have a nasty behavior where the object name field in the Inspector does not display the object's given name, but try to re-enter and it says No 'cause it's a duplicate name. You have to go on faith that the object actually is assigned the name. Then, sometimes, the name displays. Code seems to access the object through the name so I guess it's just a buggy display field in the Inspector.
  15. Well, out of frustration I deleted the viewer and placed a new viewer on the layout, named it properly, copied the SAME code from the old one to the new one, set all the object settings the same as the old one and NOW it refreshes fine with the Reload command. Go figure. Thanks for the help. Bill
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