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  1. Seems simple, will enter this later and let you know! Much thanks... L~
  2. How can I invoke a script within a script after a found set is empty...? Much thanks all! L~
  3. Help! No assistance here, no one has any answers as usual? Doesn't anyone know what's occurring here? Dr.L
  4. Nice...NOW I see it! Sorry, must have been a mind block for some reason! Perfect now...much thanks for "keeping it simple". The K.I.S.S. theory is much better sometimes. And, MUCh thanks for your patience and persistance...great help! Dr.L
  5. Couldn't open it...I'm on a PC...keeps saying it's not modifiable and the acction cannot be performed...
  6. I am SO sorry, guess I'm missing something here as this is just not functioning now. I've gone under 'Format' and to 'Conditional Format'...placed in the given formula. How can I choose and select two various colors in the selection box after I enter the formula? There is choice for only one color at a time...what am I missing? The case function is not overriding the box selection and doesn't function without some selection it seems... Thanks... Dr.L
  7. I'm on FM 11Pro...usually we drag and drop or copy into a container field...all works well with a PDF and/or JPG... Dr. L
  8. I am housing Word documents in a container field. However, when I try to open them there is a problem and something funky happens. Am I doing somethin wrong here...? Thanks... Dr.L
  9. ...thanks all, but can I use this formula in the field for "Conditioning Formatting"? Or, am I better served to use it in the field definition?
  10. Understood, but how can I get each formula to pull up their own color. Is it an 'or' calculation. If so, HELP please... Thank you.... Dr.L
  11. I'd like to have a conditional format have the ability for the same field to respond differently to two variables. So, if choice 'A' is selected in the field it would alter the fill color to red while if the condition is 'B' the same field would alter to fill in green...is there a clculation I'd use for this. I can easily format for one condition but multiples is very different... Thanks... Dr.L
  12. Gotcha...thanks! Is there a way to auto size a layout in total, or do I have to adjust each field and graphic indepenedantly? Dr.L Also, perhaps you'll know...when I place a Word document in a container, then try to launch it, something funky happens. JPGs and PDFs open easily and fine, but Word gives me a problem. What's up here?? Dr.L
  13. My solution is for an office environment where users each have different size monitors. So, of course, they each either cannot see the whole database or the database is just too small on their monitor, Isn't there a calculation I can insert somewhere to resolve this issue? I can only see the size adjustment to assorted percentages which aren't always appropriate... Thanks in advance... Dr. L
  14. Much thanks for your patience... I am attempting to enter 4 unique codes into a form. Along with that I'd need descriptions and prices for each which I'd like to generate by simply entering the codes. I'd like to house the codes, description and pricing in one table and just pull the appropriate information into the other. Any other information you'd need? Dr.L
  15. So, if I understand you then my first table to the second table would be: Codes::Code_ID=Code_ID::Code_ID and then from the second table to the third Code_ID::Code_ID=Code_ID::Code_Definition? That should provide me with a one to one relationship? Is that correct?? Dr.L
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