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  1. FM Version with EasySync

    Thank you Josh.
  2. FM Version with EasySync

    Hi, I see that the system requirements state FM 13, but is anyone using it with a later version for instance FM14, 15 and perhaps even FM16? Regards Colin
  3. Hello all, As the title explains, but not necessarily an absolute requirement. I have an application that is 80% complete. I am hitting the limits of my Filemaker 11 knowledge as I am only a hobbyist. The application requires some sanity checking and relationship validation. An outline specification/explanation will be provided. The application is target at a specific market and those who are tree hungers or anti-hunting/wild life management, should avoid this invitation. I am able to fund to some degree the assistance provided, but funds are limited. Dropbox access can be provided. Please PM me if you are able to help. Regards ArthursC

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