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  1. This is a bug in the current versions of the plugins. Each plugin has its own version function (i.e. EmailVersion) that you should be able to use to return the version numbers until this is resolved.
  2. We are aware of this issue and have added it to our bug tracking list.
  3. The EmailConnectSMTP function is part of the Email plugin API. There are a few limited email functions that come with ScriptMaster (Send Email, Send Email (HTML-Formatted), Send Email With Attachments, and Send Email With Authentication). You are free to use these and modify the source code to extend their functionality if you desire. As for using the functions, there are a couple ways to do this and the ScriptMaster documentation covers this in the beginning section. If you find you require a more robust mail solution, take a look at our Email plugin. It is available as a free downloa
  4. The first thing I should mention here is that you'll want to use the EmailConnectSMTP (as opposed to EmailConnectIMAP) to send an email message. This function call will establish a connection to your SMTP mail server (for sending messages) and from there you can send a message. When you call multiple functions together in a single Set Variable script step using the logical "and" operator, FileMaker will return 1 if all conditions return true and 0 otherwise (even if one of the functions returns "ERROR"). This indicates that one or more of the conditions have failed. A better approach fo
  5. Do you have the most recent version of Scribe installed? Maintaining formatting was addressed in one of the updates a little while back. Entering a space into a cell, as far as I know, does not affect the formatting of the cell. In using ScribeDocWriteValue in a cell with existing data, Scribe will simply overwrite the data. This behavior should be the same with a string consisting of only a space. If you are using the most recent version, I'd be happy to try to reproduce this locally if you will send me the template document along with a brief description directly (brent@360works.com)
  6. Scribe does not currently have a feature to write a formula to a cell. We have added this to our feature request list for consideration in a future version of the plugin. There are also some peculiarities about the formatting as well. We are looking into the formatting issue as a possible bug.
  7. Can you tell me which plugin you are using? Also, can you provide a little more details about the context of what you are trying to do?
  8. Scribe does not currently have a feature to create rows in a .docx file. There is also not a way for a string to be replaced by an empty string causing the carriage return to be removed.
  9. The Base64 Encoding sample module in ScriptMaster does not currently support container fields.
  10. A client of ours recently reported a similar issue with an Exchange Server (SMTP). The resolution for them was that the user account being used to log in to the Exchange Server needed user admin rights (configured on the Exchange Server).
  11. Can you send us a bug report or the log file directly?
  12. Our Email plugin does have built in functionality to send an HTML message and include a plain text version. The ScriptMaster sample file contains a separate module for sending a plain text message (Send Email) and for sending an HTML message (Send Email (HTML-Formatted)). However, there is not a built in way to send an HTML message with a plain text part without modifying one of the modules.
  13. I tried this locally on Mac OS X Lion and it worked fine. Make sure the parameter "true" is enclosed in quotation marks as well.
  14. Have you tried executing the shell script command in the ScriptMaster sample file? There should be no difference in the result provided the parameters are being passed in correctly. Can you provide the command you are attempting to execute? For the second post above, it looks like you are passing the wrong "waitForOutput" parameter to the function. This parameter takes a string "true" to return the output instead of the numeric 1 you are passing.
  15. If the formatting exists in the template it will be the same for the inserted text. However, the plugin does not currently support carrying the formatting from FileMaker into a .docx file.
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