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  1. The nature of the business is such that there is never a need for a second page. If that were to change, the printing setup would require it to be printed like this: 3 copies of each page (1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2) as one print job that would then be stapled.
  2. Is there some way to automate that printing process on windows once I have each PDF? There are usually several dozen invoices to print that all need to be done at once
  3. I have a filemaker solution that is used to print out invoices. For the last few years, the invoices have been printed on pre-made triplicate forms on a dot matrix printer. This was slow, unreliable, and has caused a lot of headaches, so the company recently invested in a laser printer that prints and staple 3-part carbonless forms. The problem is that for the stapling to work, the print job needs to be sent as one 3-page document (not 3 copies of 1 page). My initial thought was to append to a pdf and then print that, but from what I read, Filemaker won't print multipage PDFs from container fields. The FM server is run on a mac, but all the clients are on windows 7 or 10. Everyone is currently on FM13, but an update to FM15 is planned for the near future. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Thanks for any advice you have. Travis
  4. Does anyone have any tips for renaming fields that are connected through ESS? According to the ESS tech brief, it seems like this should be possible without an issue: So if I'm just renaming the field, the unique key should remain the same, right? When I tried it and synced the tables again, the old field was changed to type "Unknown" and the new name was added as a separate field? Is there any nice way to do this and keep field linkings in scripts and layouts? (Details: The files are hosted by FMS13 on Mac, connected through ActualODBC to MySQL)
  5. Hi guys, I recently started a CI project in which most of the data will be coming from MS SQL, but some will need to come from filemaker. I set up the filemaker.php as a codeigniter library, but when I try to use it, I get the fatal error: "Unable to locate the specified class: ExceptionsEXT". It seems as though there is some sort of conflict with CI. Did either of you guys encounter this? I'm fairly new with php, so I could be doing something obviously wrong. How did you go about implementing the filemaker.php into your models? Thanks for your help
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