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  1. YAY! French Lego waiting for me at home :) Anybody after Lego should check out Amazon.fr - I got 3 sets for less than the AU price of one

  2. Awesome. The router I was selling sold for the buy it now price

  3. Woo! My video is on @giz_au Sorry, no autographs ;)http://t.co/0ymJldWJ

  4. Anybody need a router? $80 below RRP http://t.co/wMGubxG9

  5. Win a $10,000 Gift Card from Westfield and make it your best Christmas ever! http://t.co/slx2Vjhu

  6. I'm at Fasta Pasta (493 Ipswich Rd., Annerley) http://t.co/nLauWFEy

  7. It somehow became Sunday while I was reading a book. No wonder the words were starting to get blurry

  8. I am currently doing some testing to see if the Scribe Plug-in will be suitable for a client. I have noticed that the ScribeDocSubstitute function strips carriage returns out of a field when it is sent to a Microsoft word document. For example I have the following <<Postal Address>> Which I am trying to replace with a calculated address field containing 123 Fake Street Exampleville QLD 0000 However, this is coming out as 123 Fake Street Exampleville QLD 0000 Is there any way to include the carriage returns in the substitution?
  9. Had First, Third and Forth in a trifecta. ******* you Red Cadeaux, you just had to ruin it didn't you. #MelbourneCup

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