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  1. I have got the exact same issue. Tomas, did you find a solution? /Niklas
  2. Hi David! Yes, I figured this much out. And for a moments I thought I use the Char function to get the alternative "ä" (represented using 77600097) on screen, so to speak, then copy this character to the Substitute function. But FileMaker didn't get it. It wasn't substituted. What did I miss? How do I handle the more complex version of the "ä"?
  3. I have som difficulties to substitute Swedish characters from my files names. I want to clean up file names using the filename parameter in the SCSetContainer function. I found that when I fetch the swedish character "ä" from a variable populated using SCChooseFile it's not the correct character. Using Code is get 77600097 instead of 228 which it should be. Is this a limitation in the SuperContainer Plugin? Any suggestions? /Niklas
  4. I also have users reporting problems with docx files. Any issues or considerations that I should know about? Kind rgds Niklas
  5. Thanks for your reply. We are looking forward for further updates. Regards Niklas
  6. For the record: It turned out that I am using the 2.831 version of the plugin. [Edit: Still got problems. Just to clarify.]
  7. Thanks Khurshid! But the new version you are mentioning is the plug-in. Right? If I'm not completely wrong, the plugin is not used when I simply display SuperContainer content in a web viewer or when I click the same web viewer to show the content. Am I right?
  8. Hi. I have a user name and password set in the SuperContainer server (running stand-alone on a Mac OS X Server 10.6.8) and my fmp solution will load this login info into global variables in it's start script. When using the web viewer within FileMaker it runs just fine. But - from time to time - when clicking the file icon in the web viewer, my browser will prompt me for user name and password. (And of course this is a hassle since my user do not know the user name and password.) The server log sais: Login failed for 'null' (wrong username) But since the web viewer will dis
  9. Using the SuperContainer Companion Plugin both in FMP and IWP, I keep getting ERROR as result when using SCSetBaseURL. I run the exact same script and script step to do this. I use the version of the plug-in. I've tried in several different browsers. Please see my setup in attached screen shot. In lack of the Data Viewer in IWP I am setting some global temp fields to make sure my global variables have the correct values. Any ideas? Niklas
  10. Hi all. Any clues on solving the same (but even worse!) problem with borders when showing the SuperContainer web viewer in IWP? /Niklas
  11. I upgraded the SuperContainer Companion and this and another problem was solved. (Might not be the hole truth.) Thanks for taking the time. My apologies for the sloppy testing before posting. /Niklas
  12. Hi. I got a calc field that uses the GetInfo function to fetch a file name. Works fine in FMP, but when adding the file through Instant Web Publishing the calculation simply returns nothing. The plug-in is working server side. (The SCVersion returns 2.77 as expected.) Any suggestions? Rgds Niklas
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