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  1. Hello, I am trying to duplicate a database onto a flash drive and transfer it to another computer that also has the program filemaker. I have tried copy and pasting the file onto the flash drive and it doesnt open correctly on the other computer. I tried file/save a copy as, onto the flash drive and there is an error halfway through. Does anyone have another suggestion?
  2. Ok I am going to change my approach at this it looks like it will get too complicated. How do I get a field in a layout to change colors when there are contents within the field? That way I could just see the red coloring if I put in a date that they are out of town.
  3. Hello, I run a talent agency and one problem I have with talent is their availability on certain dates. What I want is for an indicator (maybe a red dot or fill a field red or something) when a specified date conflicts with dates of unavailability I have for certain records. For example, john smith lets me know he is going out of town next week from 12/7 - 12/10 so I input it into the database. I have a new job that is on 12/8. When I go searching for john smith I want to see something come up that lets me know he is unavailable like a red flag. Is this possible?
  4. How do I make a find show records from 2 different values in the same field. For example: a find to show all Blonde haired and Brown haired people.
  5. So I made a drop down menu for a field, when you click the value it tabs to the next field automatically. I changed the behavior but it doesnt do anything. How do I make it stay on the field once I make a selection?
  6. I am trying to click a button and have the user save a pdf of a layout. What I am specifically trying to do is give the user the option to add a custom title and text (prompt them to add something in dialogue box) in a specified location on the pdf. What I have done so far: Duplicated the layout and customized how I want to pdf to look. Created the script so that when I click the button on layout A it goes directly to the prompt save PDF of layout B. I want there to be a prompt to type the title of this report and have it automatically add it into the layout in a certain loc
  7. clear all works great. the mark all how do we write the script so it only marks the records currently being viewed?
  8. Is there a select all button or a deselect all button sample I could take a look at?
  9. I have been given samples from others of how to do certain things in their layouts. Is it possible to just import the layout from another created DB and transferring over all of the fields, scripts, etc.?
  10. This is exactly what I needed, is there a sample for a "Mark all" button?
  11. Hello, I run a talent agency and I have just started using Filemaker to be more efficient in submitting my talent to jobs. I know how to do finds to filter out my database and export them to PDF's to send to clients however is there an easy way to select a random group of people out of my database and add them onto the report to export as a PDF? I apologize if I am not being clear enough can anyone help?
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