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  1. Ohh, GREAT John, thank you so much, I will try your code ASAP and return the result to you here... Thanks again ! Kind regards, Gokke
  2. Hi John and thanks for replying - the quotes are in place because the whole text is... ehm... FileMaker-text and so the "´s is preceeded with a \, thus can I get values from variables as parameters.... The calculation - without the PORT-line - has been running PERFECT in 3-4 years - so I have to assume that the other code is OK ! The format you wrote - is that verified ?? I mean, do you know for sure its OK ?? Thanks again ! Oops sorry, forgot to show code: Below is the complete INIT-code for the ScriptMaster-plugin - it works wonderfully, but i can´t figure out where to change the port...: //Load ScriptMaster Functions //HTMLEmail Function RegisterGroovy ( "HTMLEmail ( from ; to ; cc ; bcc ; subject ; htmlbody ; attachmentPath ; smtpHost )" ; "import javax.mail.*;¶ import javax.mail.internet.*;¶ Properties props = new Properties();¶ props.setProperty(\"mail.smtp.host\", smtpHost);¶ props.setProperty (\"mail.smtp.port\", \"587\");¶ MimeMessage msg = new MimeMessage(Session.getInstance(props));¶ if (attachmentPath == null) {¶ // HTML E-Mail Only¶ msg.setContent(htmlbody, \"text/html\");¶ }¶ else {¶ // HTML E-Mail with Attachment(s)¶ Multipart content = new MimeMultipart();¶ // first the message body¶ MimeBodyPart bodyPart = new MimeBodyPart();¶ bodyPart.setContent(htmlbody, \"text/html\");¶ content.addBodyPart(bodyPart);¶ // then the attachment(s)¶ attachmentPath.tokenize(\";\").each {it ->¶ attachmentPart = new MimeBodyPart();¶ attachmentPart.attachFile it;¶ content.addBodyPart attachmentPart;¶ }¶ msg.setContent(content);¶ }¶ msg.setSubject(subject);¶ msg.setFrom(new InternetAddress(from));¶ to.tokenize(\";\").each {it ->¶ msg.addRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO, new InternetAddress(it))¶ }¶ if (cc != null){¶ cc.tokenize(\";\").each {it ->¶ msg.addRecipients(Message.RecipientType.CC, new InternetAddress(it))¶ }¶ }¶ if (bcc != null){¶ bcc.tokenize(\";\").each {it ->¶ msg.addRecipients(Message.RecipientType.BCC, new InternetAddress(it))¶ }¶ }¶ Transport.send(msg);¶ return true;¶")
  3. Hi guys - first - a warm thank you for making this plugin available, we have used Scriptmaster for 4 years now and have had NO problems until now - please advise: The setup: FMS 13 on Windows 2008R2, ScriptMaster 4.1 and once a month a Email-blast with a few Emails/PDFs to recipients - no problems ! Now: we are relocating to another smtp-gateway, which only supports port 587....! And THEN no more mails ! I have read/googled for days now, so i think I have tried the most common solutions, to no avail.... This is our code i SM-INIT-script and I THINK that its the "port" statement that is wrong: ---------cut------------ //Load ScriptMaster Functions //HTMLEmail Function RegisterGroovy ( "HTMLEmail ( from ; to ; cc ; bcc ; subject ; htmlbody ; attachmentPath ; smtpHost )" ; "import javax.mail.*;¶ import javax.mail.internet.*;¶ Properties props = new Properties();¶ props.setProperty(\"mail.smtp.host\", smtpHost);¶ props.setProperty (\"mail.smtp.port\", \"587\");¶ MimeMessage msg = new MimeMessage(Session.getInstance(props));¶ -------------------cut--------------------------------- The BOLD line is the new one - it was´nt in the code, so I assume it has to be inserted to work on other ports than default port 25.... I have tried to load NEW ScriptMaster (5.05) plugin, new activation.jar and mail.jar, but nothing helps... The ScriptMaster 5.05 even halts FM Pro Advanced on serverconsole AND the server plugin (64 bits version) refuses to load for some reason - but THIS is not important - unless of course its going to be a part of the solution on this problem... Anyone has a clue ?? Thank you in advance ! Lars G.
  4. Windows Camera tablet solution

    Hi, same problem here, but solved it by installing YAWCAM, which simply makes streamed video from an USB-camera and then broadcast it on an internal webserver (port 8888). From this, you simply capture an image with INSERT URL (localhost:8888) and DONE ! Good luck
  5. Ohh I got that too - It´s just a timing problem - if you repeat it enough times, it will show the scripts....! How I know ? I had an 8 Gb database with a lot of images - and would very rare get the scripts listed - and when i moved all of the images out of the database -> external container - no problem ! Regards, Gokke !
  6. Go 13 on Server 12?

    Hello Wim - just to chime in - i´m using FMS12 with FM 13 clients for some time now - i have not been able to find anything NOT working with the the client.... I have not been around in the corners of the GO yet, but it seems fine for now... Do you know anything that would limit me (all of us) from generally hosting FM13 solutions with Themes, popovers, all the new stuff - on a FMS12 Kind regards
  7. Easy-peasy - just open a NEW window, same layout - do your stuff (search, find, sort, whatever) and when done, just close the new window. Then you are back to the old found set and the original record ! /Kind regards
  8. Bugs from v.12 still there, new one added

    Uh-oh GOT ONE ! Besides the fact that version 13 looks wonderfull, although still slow at scrolling, i got one bug that IS still there from version 12: When using the Inspector and setting the LINE Thicknes - we - in Europe cannot use the 0.25 setting - it converts the setting to 25 Probably is it the system, conversion wise, which does the buggy dance ! Im sure YOU guys cant see this bug due to the codepage/conversion setting is "normal", but for us with codepage 850, it´s at bug Kinde regards, Lars G Pedersen
  9. Allright - have been fighting with this - another FM12 annoyance! Another user mentioned "PasteNOSTYLE" in Customs Menu - and I was of to explore this in depth ! SUCCESS ! This way you can change the default way your users paste data in from anywhere, use the proper format and you DONT need to change any existing code, as described with "TextRemoveFormat(SELF)" or whatever. The steps are here: - Simply put, you create a script containing ONE line ("Paste:Select:Nostyle") - call this CM_PASTE_TEXT - Create (!) a Custom Menu for your application, name it something relevant (UserMenu ) - In this Custom Menu, you click on properties and select EDIT and you make sure you have the PASTE command somewhere in there - this you would change ! - The PASTE Command youll change to f.x "Paste Text" or whatever and NOW the magic begins... - In the frame named "Menu Items", you´ll click on "Paste" and ind the right in the frame, you can among other things, specify a script to run when a user press - in this case - CTRL-V and assign the CM_PASTE_TEXT to this command. - Finally - in order to get this to work, you need to specify (create) a NEW User Privileged Set - because you can EDIT this an change "Available Menu Commands" - I use the "Editing Only" option, but you can also use the Full set - just NOT the Minimum - this dismisses the change to the Custom Menus you have just made... - Remember to force your users to load and LOCK the new Custom Menu Set ! I hope you can get the general direction i´m going in - i apologize for my poor english, so i´m guessing from here Anyways, it´s working for ME and my 20 users - no user can now paste any cr*p into MY system Happy FileMaking from Denmark Regards, Lars
  10. Oookay no problem, just nice to know Thank you for the reply !
  11. Hi guys - and thank you SOO much for making SM ! Just wandered: i´ve got some code run by a schedule, naturally including the "open" and "close" and the initialization code needed..... Or IS it needed EVERY time the schedule is run, or can you init ONE time and then just run the code somehow...?? In this setup I would like to use the Email-part of SM and send PDF´s to my customers, which performs fantastic - but im still in doubt WHATs necessary to include to be able to run... Thank you in advance, Regards, Lars
  12. bcooney - THANKS - i´ll try as you described - strange it has to be so hard when SM itself is so fine...
  13. Hello, Denmark calling! I think i´m in love with ScriptMaster - but i´m struggeling to get started.... maybe i´ll just explain: I have developed a medium sized trucking/transport solution and have been running it for apx. 2 years now and the only real problem i have had, is sending Email from the server. We have a Windows 2003 + FMS10 Adv. server with IWP running the online booking and a scheduled mailqueue to send mail though a local mailserver every 3 minutes.... It....kind of works....(all attachment to the server-side-sent mail is getting corrupted - known bug in FMS as i understand it) - so i have tested your wonderfull ScriptMaster plugin (locally) and it simply shines and i´ll LOVE to implement it our solution....and here comes the 'but': I simply cant find the information to get ScriptMaster to work from the SERVER - my bad im sure, but I KNOW that i have colleagues in other firms that would love to get this info also.... so here goes: Focusing on the Email-function - running on/from the FM Server Adv - the ScriptMaster module is installed and reported no errors, so : 1. Do i need to install SM on BOTH the server AND all the clients, if i´m ONLY going to use the scripted/scheduled Email on the server ? 2. How do I register the SM-module on the server - i´v tried to register the functions and then upload ScriptMaster.fp7 and run it from the server to no avail...(Cannot use "open" function in a server script) Even if I run SM remote off the server it cannot see 'it self'... 3. The documentation says that i can paste the key into a variable to get it running on the server - but i dont have key....yet...whats up here ?? 4. I have no problem buying a license to the SM Advanced version and then building my own plugin - but I would like to see it work before forking out I should be able to send Email by using the standard free SM-plugin on the server, right ? 5. Finally I figured out that I can CLICK on the long list of modules and get documentation on the SM functions....For dummies like me, i need an underlining in blue to get the fact that i can click Any help with the above is VERY much appreciated, thank you in advance ! Lars G. Pedersen

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