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  1. Hi guys - maybe some of you have been getting snapshots from ip-cams (axis, hikvision)... I have had a system running for YEARS with no problem, suddenly after a firmware update, this snapshot (image.jpg) doesnt work anymore... Have you maybe found a workaround...???
  2. Why not just share your database via your Filemaker client "sharing" - limited to 4 or 5 users, but it works fine !
  3. Have several systems running on Windows 10 as klient, Windows 2008R2 as server using those plugins (BE & ScriptMaster) with NO problems for a really long time...But the newest version of ScriptMaster has NOT been stable and would freeze the klient at random times... We have succesfully unloaded ScriptMaster and re-established stability using only BE at this time - hope it helps !
  4. Allright, the plot thickens - suddenly the BE plugin was updated from 3.2.0 to 3.3.6 - on ALL tree PC´s I was testing on - great - but mysterius ! Thanks !
  5. Hi Dempsey - exactly - its hard to find...!! But thx for trying
  6. I know - stupid question, but the download available on the homepage for BE are OLD (3.1.0 or something) and I would like to use the newest version 3.5.0 (as far as I know) - but where to find those - or is that restricted to sponsors ? Thank you in advance KR Lars G
  7. Allright, as promised, status on this problem is - Im no longer using the ScriptMaster plugin ! I was unable to get this Javacode above to work (i´m NO Java-hacker at all !) in due time, I could not find any relevant documentation and could not interpret the errormessages from the Groovy code - so - trying out other stuff, I found myself installing the BaseElement plugin on the server.... And with help from the online docs and after some testing, it was up and running within one hour ! I LOVE the ScriptMaster plugin and uses this alot - but Im simply too stupid to do Java code embedd
  8. Ohh, GREAT John, thank you so much, I will try your code ASAP and return the result to you here... Thanks again ! Kind regards, Gokke
  9. Hi John and thanks for replying - the quotes are in place because the whole text is... ehm... FileMaker-text and so the "´s is preceeded with a \, thus can I get values from variables as parameters.... The calculation - without the PORT-line - has been running PERFECT in 3-4 years - so I have to assume that the other code is OK ! The format you wrote - is that verified ?? I mean, do you know for sure its OK ?? Thanks again ! Oops sorry, forgot to show code: Below is the complete INIT-code for the ScriptMaster-plugin - it works wonderfully, but i can´t figure ou
  10. Hi guys - first - a warm thank you for making this plugin available, we have used Scriptmaster for 4 years now and have had NO problems until now - please advise: The setup: FMS 13 on Windows 2008R2, ScriptMaster 4.1 and once a month a Email-blast with a few Emails/PDFs to recipients - no problems ! Now: we are relocating to another smtp-gateway, which only supports port 587....! And THEN no more mails ! I have read/googled for days now, so i think I have tried the most common solutions, to no avail.... This is our code i SM-INIT-script and I THINK that its the "port" sta
  11. Hi, same problem here, but solved it by installing YAWCAM, which simply makes streamed video from an USB-camera and then broadcast it on an internal webserver (port 8888). From this, you simply capture an image with INSERT URL (localhost:8888) and DONE ! Good luck
  12. Ohh I got that too - It´s just a timing problem - if you repeat it enough times, it will show the scripts....! How I know ? I had an 8 Gb database with a lot of images - and would very rare get the scripts listed - and when i moved all of the images out of the database -> external container - no problem ! Regards, Gokke !
  13. Hello Wim - just to chime in - i´m using FMS12 with FM 13 clients for some time now - i have not been able to find anything NOT working with the the client.... I have not been around in the corners of the GO yet, but it seems fine for now... Do you know anything that would limit me (all of us) from generally hosting FM13 solutions with Themes, popovers, all the new stuff - on a FMS12 Kind regards
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