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  1. I'm using 2.89 on both server and client.
  2. I have a client on a Mac which is throwing up an error: Â java. lang.illegalArgumentException as per the attached. Â He was running on 10.6 with an old Java version and we updated the machine thinking this might be the issue. So the machine now has all the latest Java, Mac OS updates and the latest SuperContainer plugin. Â The issue arrises when uploading a file and the plugin calls the SCSetContainer function. Â The script is setting the base URL at the start of the script. Â Any help appreciated.
  3. Thanks Joe. Guess I should have tried 'true' rather than 'on'.
  4. What is the correct way to use the new SetErrorCapture plugin function. The 360Works documentation has not been updated to illustrate how this function should be used.  I am getting a number of dialog boxes popping up now that I'd like to suppress. For instance, in SuperContainer when a user cancels a file download dialog, I'm getting an error dialog after.  I've tried the following at the start of each script:  Set Variable [$error; Value:SCSetErrorCapture( "On" )]  but that doesn't seem to do the trick.  Any advice?
  5. I already have a form layout that shows a ContactLink portal of contacts and their roles. The issue arrises when I try to show a list view of all Projects with their respective contacts in line. In the projects list view I have column headings for Architect etc and it's there that I need to have fields in the projects table that pull this info from the contacts table. So in effect the ContactLink table is a portal of related people for each project. I'm not trying to choose contacts for each project - that's already done. I'm trying to display each of them in a list view in the pro
  6. Are you using a built in theme? Have you tried my suggestion in the Classic theme?
  7. I'd be very grateful if someone could give me some advice on how to retrieve values from a related table where there is a match in the middle join table. I have 3 tables: Projects ContactLink Contacts Projects and Contacts are joined to each other thru the ContactLink table. In the Projects table I have a few fields for various contacts: Architect Contractor Project Manager I would like these fields to be populated with the values from the Contacts table where the Contact Role matches the field in the Projects table. So if I define 'Contact X' as an '
  8. I normally take a field that is already formatted the way I want, then use the format picker to lift the style and then copy it onto the pop up field. Should then remove the shadows.
  9. Hi there. I'd be interested in seeing this script if you'd be happy to share. Thanks in advance.
  10. My FM12 solution uses SC and IWP and I can upload files via the web.
  11. Watching strictly at mum and dads. Cool!

  12. Quote Notebooks Ogami Collection http://t.co/50KVH9Dd

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