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  1. We run a set of linked databases on a FM Server Advanced 12. The links work if the databases are all in the same folder on a client, but when moved to the server and accessed from a remote client the links are broken giving an error "missing file" even though the databases are in the same relative place as they were on the client install. Has anyone seen this before? We had to move our setup off a Mac server as this was out of warranty, the same setup worked on the Mac installation of the server. Current setup: Windows 2008 server R2, Filemaker Advanced Server 12.0.4, remote clients a
  2. Is there a way to format number fields so that it is allowed to have a leading zero? Problem is that we use both mobile phone numbers and state codes with leading zeros. e.g.: 0417 123 456 or 03
  3. Did you end up finding what in the config file got changed when you uninstalled 12.0.1? have you done a compare with the restored file to find out?
  4. We are about to update our Advanced Server 11 to Advanced Server 12 on our OSX XServe. has anyone experienced any gotchas in doing this? We have about 40 databases being severed from this setup to both clients and IWP. Also interested in the process others have used during a migration such as this, for backlups and restore of previous version if the upgrade fails for some reason.
  5. When running the schedule on the server, I get an event report emailed, but no attachment. Do I need to put the SMTP details into the send script step or just have the details in the server schedule? Its strange that you can set an email schedule on the server but not have the ability to add an attachment.
  6. We have a script that will pull records of a find and then export them to an .xlsx file on the FileMaker server. Cannot find a way to then email that file via SMTP from the server in a script step using a server-side schedule. Script below: Perform Find (Restore) Set Variable [$path; Value: "filemac:" & Get (DocumentsPath) & "export.xlsx"] Export Records {No dialog; "$path"; Unicode (UTF-16)] Show all records This script successfully exports the found records to the default store on the server, now how to email this as an attachment?
  7. Ok an update on this. We are able to use the Admin Console on a remote computer after changing a proxy setting and deleting the certificate that Filemaker installed. This then allowed us to reinstall the certificate which resolved the issue on the remote, but the same procedure on the server did not resolve the issue, might be related to a certificate or something else. Any thoughts anyone?
  8. In trying to sort this out, this is the output from the java console: Java Web Start 1.6.0_29 Using JRE version 1.6.0_29-b11-402-10M3527 Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM User home directory = /Users/admin ---------------------------------------------------- c: clear console window f: finalize objects on finalization queue g: garbage collect h: display this help message m: print memory usage o: trigger logging p: reload proxy configuration q: hide console r: reload policy configuration s: dump system and deployment properties t: dump thread li
  9. What is the process that I would be looking for to see if the Admin Console was working? The Help pdf makes no sense in what it is saying: "If Admin Console is unable to connect to FileMaker Server, it is possible that the Admin Server process has stopped or FileMaker Server has only partially started. To check whether the Admin Server process has stopped, try using the fmsadmin LIST FILES command (see LIST command). If LIST FILES works, the Admin Server process has stopped and you can use the fmsadmin RESTART ADMINSERVER command to restart it. " Why if you type in the List command sh
  10. Steven, the permissions i refer to are those enabling ODBC or client or web connections. Is there a way to use the Admin server from the command line if we cannot get the java console to work? the Admin server console was working but now does not, even with all updates applied.
  11. We have the same issue. Updated to latest version 11.04 and still no Admin Server Manager. OSX Server 10.6.8 Databases are able to be reached remotely but we cannot add or change database permissions. Hammerton, did you get this resolved? Is there a command line version of the Admin Console? This problem has halted our deployment of more databases with FileMaker.
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