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  1. I'm in pain. See my posts under services wanted. Thanks
  2. Sorry about that, Lee. I am in Maryland just outside Frederick. See http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/81263-from-ms-access-to-filemaker/ for a description of the task at hand. I'm looking for a contractor. Thanks.
  3. After getting taken by a member here, we are cautiously looking for someone to produce what we need LOCALLY. If you're local, smart, capable, HONEST, and reliable. Contact me via PM or at terp84alum@yahoo.com. Thanks
  4. Thanks folks. I'll post my progress in the appropriate place in the forum.
  5. I really don't care if the person is certified or not. My guess is that my requirements are pretty basic. In fact, I did the Access 2007 work and I have no experience. The challenge will be the Access 2.0 part.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'm in Maryland. I really need to get away from Access 2.0 because I don't think it will run on Windows7 or any new Windows OS. FileMaker also gives me the flexibility to get a Mac. I think whoever I select will also have to have experience in Access because a lot of development time can be saved by reviewing my existing databases. I have no problem developing a new database in Filemaker but don't see a lot of value spending time and money educating a consultant in my business and process flows. This can be efficiently accomplished by navigating the existing databases.
  7. I'm looking to migrate to Mac. My business uses 2 databases: one in MS Access 2.0 and the other in MS Access 2007. I'd like to combine the two into a new one in FileMaker. I would like to do the development in the Windows version of FileMaker and then cut over to the Mac version. I'm not sure if there is a utility to convert from MS Access to FileMaker. Contact me at terp84alum@yahoo.com and let me know what your thoughts are with respect to the complexity. I need to continue to be able to integrate with MS Word and MS Excel. Thanks Ken
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