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  1. Thanks for clarification Is there ANY way for showing the privilege set of a user from the perspective of an entry in a user user table e.g. user 1 | admin | etc | etc user 2 | staff | etc | etc user 3 | temp | etc | etc
  2. Hi, I want to be able to display the AccountPrivilegeSetName for my users in the user table. I'm reading that Get(AccountPrivilegeSetName) should be able to do this for me, but the help file makes it looks as if it's going to return MY set until I change the "context" of the calculation. I'm finding little written guidance on how to do that and the test's I've tried are consistently showing MY set. Can you help Many thanks
  3. Hi, I can obviously use application_version() as the means to detect a desktop, iPad or iPhone, or Web Publishing Engine. But is there any way inside the Web Publishing Engine, to detect if its's a desktop, or iPad or iPhone? Many thanks
  4. Hi, I have a script that I'm studying. It involves a drop down field that triggers a script on OnObjectModify, then a condition as a result of the value change. This is currently working intermittently, with the drop down still appearing selected. If I deselect it, by clicking in blanc space somewhere on the layout, the condition completes as desired. It looks to me as if I'm forcing a final update on this extra click. I've tried script steps like Refresh Layout, toggling menus, scrolling but I can't find anything to mimic this step. Any thoughts? Giles
  5. OK I'm missing one final bit. Something is causing the layout to update when I release the dropdown. I physically have to click somewhere on the layout to force the same effect. I have looked in scripts, field set, and layout but can't see whats causing this
  6. I'm sorry that's a bit too vague for me. - so your saying it's a merge variable ... great - I've moved it to reveal the combination of merge variable and underlying "T1", "T2" etc field - but there is nothing that I can see that assigns these variables with a value
  7. Thank You - A great example One thing though ... how is <<$display1>> etc assigned?
  8. Dear All, I have a "nested Value List" solution (value of a field set by ValueList A filters values in ValueList B ) that has worked through a number of versions of FMP upto and including FMP 11. It now fails in FMP12. It's based on using the Include only related values starting from but then leaving the field set to <unknown>. Which was a trick somebody passed onto me years ago. Basically it worked along the lines of : if the valuelist is the product of a relationship, filter by that relationship, reverting to include all values, obviously returns all values. ARe you aware of any c
  9. Thanks for your reply. I'm going to continue my research. I really hope it's not the case that Filemaker add this significant functionality, but fail to implement it across such as base feature as ValueLists!
  10. I'm looking into upgrading our FMP11 developed solution to FMP12. For us, key functionality exists around the ValueList feature to DISPLAY one value (e.g. a description) while RETURNING another value (e.g. a UID), into the selected field. I would be interested if you have been able to replicate this feature from the ExecuteSQL() function (I can successfully return a single ValueList item ... having trouble with the above) many thanks in advance Giles
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