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  1. Hi there, in FM server 16 I could view scripts that were currently running on the server and stop them (in the case of a bad step or something) I can't seem to find where I can see running scripts in FM server 17? Has this feature been removed? am I just missing it? Mark
  2. Thanks so much for the Tutorial you provided. I'm new to this and have managed to get part of this working. My challange at this point is that I'm not getting an ID in the response variable. Below is the exact response that I receive: {"ok":true,"result":[]} If I change anything in the URL I receive an error message so it seems something is working correctly, only, I'm not getting the ID. have I missed something?
  3. Because we can control the API I can post any format I like. The trouble is I just can figure out how to get the data I need into the URL. Another option I was considering was to export to xml, then see if I could import the content of the xml to a field. I'm just not sure what the best way to handle this is.
  4. @webko Thanks for your input - It's actually posting to a custom API that we've created in PHP so we can handle the programming part we may had a seperator line that tell the system it's a new line or something similar.
  5. Thanks for your replies. @MonkeybreadSoftware I'm not very familiar with SQL command. I'd have to research that a bit to see how I can achieve what I'm after. @comment Here is a sample of the http post I need to create: "httppost://mydomain.com/stockadjustsale.php?register_id=123456" & "&customer_id=927b583f-ff6f-11e3-a0f5-b8ca3a64f8f4" & "&user_id=9876543" & "&status=SAVED" &"& note=Refurb%20ID:%20217" & "&product_id=hag23468qsj73e" & "&quantity=1" & "&price=9.09" & "&tax=0.91" & "&tax_id=79c237d1-c534-11e3-a0f5-b8ca3a64f8f4" & "&product_id=jhsyuw374635" & "&quantity=1" & "&price=16.36" & "&tax=1.64" & "&tax_id=79c237d1-c534-11e3-a0f5-b8ca3a64f8f4" & "&key=123456789" This is an example with two line items. I'll explore your suggestion to use a variable to build the URL as I'm looping through the records. In most cases it's only ever going to be between 1 and 5 records maximum. The first part is the actual invoice details, then the line items follow. As I mentioned, I'm currently post a single line item which works just fine, the difference with the single line item is that I'm just adding the fields in directly instead of the values. eg: "httppost://mydomain.com/stockadjustsale.php?register_id=" & RefurbItems::_kf__SaleRegister_ID & "&customer_id=927b583f-ff6f-11e3-a0f5-b8ca3a64f8f4" & "&user_id=" & RefurbItems::SoldBy & "&status=SAVED" & "&product_id=" & RefurbSparePartsCost::id & "&quantity=1" & "&price=" & RefurbItems::SoldAmountExTax & "&tax=" & RefurbItems::SoldAmountTax & "&tax_id=79c237d1-c534-11e3-a0f5-b8ca3a64f8f4" & "&note=Refurb%20ID:%20" & RefurbItems::RefurbItemsID & "&key=" & ApplicationSettings::VendAPIKey Thanks again for your input. Mark
  6. Hi there, I have a bit of a challenge and was wondering if anyone has come across anything similar and could guide me in the right direction. I have a invoice line table where there are multiple records for one invoice. I need to post those multiple lines using the insert from URL function in one single post. Now before I go further. I am currently using the insert from URL in a number of scripts for the exact same purpose but in each case I am only ever posting one record at a time. This works just fine. So I'm not a complete newbie at this function. What I can't seem to get my head around is how I can get multiple records into my http post formula. a few options I'm contemplating: Export the data to a CSV then import the CSV into a single field (if it's possible) then somehow try and extract the data and insert it in the post url Loop through the records, inserting the contents into another field eg. global field then build the URL using the data in the global field. Are any of these viable or does anyone have any better solutions for this?
  7. Ok, then, maybe someone can help with this. Do web viewers even work in FM Go? I can't seem to get even the most basic page working in Go. Are there any special settings to make a web viewer work in go? Mark.
  8. Hi there, I have a strange issue with a web viewer in FMGO. I'm using one script to open a new windows, that displays a web viewer and Pass a URL. In FM pro 14 the script works as expected and I see the page I want to view in the web viewer. However, when we rung the exact same script in FMGO, a new window opens, the web viewer is visible but empty - no web page in the viewer. Has anyone had an issue like this before or could you suggest where I might look to resolve this issue? Mark
  9. Thanks for you input. So far, it seems that CAL's are not required. As we can connect multiple users to FM server without windows throwing up any errors.We only have a single windows server license.
  10. Can any one please help clarify something for me. If we have 15 users connecting to a FM server which is loaded on a dedicated windows 2012 server do I need a windows license for each of those users? They will only be connecting to FM server through remote connection over LAN - NOT logging into the server as a windows user in any way, shape or form. Someone told me I would need 15 windows user licenses for this - BUT they aren't familiar with FM server. Can anyone please confirm? Mark
  11. Thanks for your input Wim. No wee not directly accessing the files from the hard drive. its a email script that is using related container fields to attach files to the email. We're using FM server 14 on a wan so don't actually have direct access to the files. any suggestions why the files may all be attaching as .dat files? Mark.
  12. Hi there, I recently started using external storage for our container fields and instantly noticed an issue. We use the container fields to create attachments for emails. When we use database storage for container fields the attached documents are all fine. If on the other hand we use external storage for the container field then when we attach it to an email it always adds .dat to the end of the filename eg. "filename.pdf.dat" the only way the file is readable is if the .dat is removed (but most people have no idea about that so not really practicle) I have tried both secure and open storage but still results in the same problem. When I change the storage back to internal it all works fine. Has anyone else come across this and any suggestions on how to solve this issue? Mark
  13. ok, I found the issue to this problem. It just so happened that shorty after setting the container fields to "External Storage" I also started creating custom menu's. the "insert" menu was missing so it didn't allow the inserting of images into container fields. Once I added that menu all was working well.
  14. Hi there, We have have just switched all our container storage to external, and suddenly all containers on Filemaker go are no longer accessible. We use the container fields to collect and store customer signatures. But since we changed to secure external storage we just get the following error on FMG "Container cannot be modified" Has anyone else experienced this before? is there some issue with external storage an FMG compatibility? We are running FM server 14 over WAN and ipad's with FMG in multiple locations. Mark
  15. Thanks for your replies - much appreciated. My problem is that I'm on a shared FM server that doesn't allow saving of files to the server and this script needs to be run on the server every night. I guess I'll stick to FM XML format. Will convert it before sending it to filemaker.
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