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  1. File Name: Dotleft Project FileMailer File Submitter: Cliff Zhou File Category: Solution FM Version: Filemaker Pro 12 Web SIte: www.dotleft.com Main Features: 1. Recieve / Compose email in Filemaker. 2. Manage your email / attachment 3. Combine the management of your emails with the manage your business information ( product/client/project/Task/files&folders on your disk ) Download Links: http://sdrv.ms/14Gwa93 (I will keep updating the new version in future, so if you find the links got invalid, pls go my private website for new updated download links) welcome to leave messages on my website forums (https://moot.it/filemaker)or this topic on FMforum.com, to help me improve this free solution. Updated Vertion Information: 1V20130912: The template was setted as free using. Picture Catalog Module was added. You can create/manage/email picture catalog easilly. You can edit your picture in Filemaker easilly. Some bugs were fixed.. 1V20130826: 1st Demo Version pubished.
  2. I once made my template to send group emails long time ago. It worked at the first. But not long time later, my emails account were locked and most emails were spammed in fact.
  3. Go News! !!! Filemaker Go 12 Published Today! Its FREE!!! It can be download from Appstore now!!! Filemaker Go 12 For iPad: http://itunes.apple....d508235916?mt=8 Filemaker Go 12 For iPhone: http://itunes.apple....d508238074?mt=8
  4. Its a tree use for product managment or Navigator. cliff_zhou_tree.zip
  5. Scribe - Insert image in Word document

    Scribe seems only a text processing plugin. I dont think it can insert images into docs.
  6. Copying and pasting a graphic changes it's color

    Sorry for my poor English. I can not understand your question. How can you copy a rectangle into container? and as I know, we can not adda conditional formatting onto rectangle like we do on field ot text, what do you mean there is a noticible color shift between them?
  7. Replace all in Find Mode!

    Just as Commet says, you question is not clear. If you are simply want to drop-down menu which showing different values in browse mode and find mode, you can do this: Specify Value list as "Use Value From Field" and "Include only related Values start from a related table " You can change the related table's field to make you dropdown menu showing differently.
  8. How about use web viewer to get IP on the website? http://www.whatsmyip.us/
  9. My way is ******* complex. I retested comment's funtion just now and found that I made some mistakes when I use the quote (). Evaluate(" Let( $$" & name & "[" & repetition & "] = "" & Quote( value) & ""; "" ) ")
  10. It does not work. Evaluate seems to deal with any breaks as a " " except for adding a ""before it.
  11. Hi, I improved your function: Evaluate(" Let( $$" & name & "[" & repetition & "] = "" & Substitute( value; "¶"; "¶") & ""; "" ) ")

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