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  1. Contacted FM support/sales and they couldn't help me after an hour of sitting on the phone. Right after that call I reached out to my sales rep via email and he emailed me back in less than 5 min with the link I needed.
  2. Thanks Josh. Itching to get my hands on the new goods!
  3. Anyone else not yet received their web letter with their FM16 license info? FileMaker says they are on their way but still waiting.
  4. The link in the initial post for the solution location changed but I found it here... Click here Whew!
  5. That did it! I don't quiet get the namespace portion of XML. Guess it's back to YouTube for me. Thanks for setting me straight!
  6. I've spent the last couple of days learning XML, XPath, XSLT trying to make this work. I feel like I am really close but something simple is off. My XSLT is not quiet right and I need some expert input. For testing I set it up to only pull in the first field. Once I have that right the rest should be easy. Below I have added the XML, XSL, and Transformed XML. You can see in the transformer portion that there is something off with my data. When trying to import into FM it just creates a blank record. I am trying to import the "Y" from the "BTK-security-complete" field. XML <?xml ve
  7. Because I'm still new at this and sometimes what appears to be the obivious is not always the best way.
  8. If the user clicks in the field as though they are going to make an edit.
  9. I have two fields: Closed Date & HW Platform. Goal: If the user selects the HW Platform field and Closed Date is empty pop a custom dialog. If Closed Date is not empty then no message. I have tried a few ways to use field validation to perform the check and post a message but no luck so far. I know I could do this easily with a Script Trigger. My question is can this be done with validation? And is one or the other method better? Validation or ST? FileMaker 12 FileMaker Server Adv 12
  10. Thanks guys...Appreciate the help.
  11. I'm trying to create a list of years based on a date field in one of my tables. I am putting a dashboard together that allows the user to select the starting year from a drop down list. Each user will possibly have a different range of dates in their copy so i would like to have a drop down list of years based on the dates in a field in their copy. I hope that makes some sense and someone can point me in the right direction? Thanks
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