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  1. http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2011/08/how-to-make-a-collapsible-list-in-filemaker-list-view/
  2. http://www.filemaker.com/support/product/docs/fms/fms11_help.pdf page 45
  3. ok thanks Comment! I gave some external advice to understand it a bit better!
  4. wow! this was a fast response! thanks for your input comment - except I was asking for multi choice - your solution only accounts for 1 answer, not multiples and selecting them - would this need to be checkboxes rather than radio buttons? also can you please explain this part in more detail, as I think this dialog is the key to value lists and my learning gap:
  5. Hi there! I am still learning FileMaker and I had a bit of a challenge. How do I replicate in a value list the same behaviour as I have been able to do in the attached portal? I am not sure that I am able to fully understand the correct value list concepts to be able to replicate what I am after - can someone give some advice? Basically it is a multi choice quiz, with multiple correct answers - down the bottom you click a button to verify the answers, and then it will check to see if they are correct. Is there a way to do this in a value list? Multichoice Quiz.fp7.zip
  6. Hi there, I would like some assistance with the drop down list I have created. Basically what I want to be able to do is (as an example) is to have the user select a choice from the drop down list, and then this record is then stored and updated in their file. Then return to the layout with that updated choice. This would also - upon the user coming back into the file - restore their preferences / settings that have been stored for them. Yet when I am doing this - it is changing it for all records. I have tried to be explicit by making it change based on searching
  7. Don't worry about this one now. I am going down a different path - I will use Acrobat to split the pdf up. Then I will have multiple documents instead.
  8. Hi there, Just created a web viewer that shows the contents of a pdf, but I wanted to be able to link to a bookmark that is in the PDF. I have tried the PDF Open Paramaters as documented here: http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/acrobat/PDFOpenParameters.pdf Yet this doesn't work. Example: http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/acrobat/PDFOpenParameters.pdf#page=10 doesn't go to that page Does anyone have any input on going to a bookmark or page using PDF Open parameters or other ways to do it in FileMaker? Kind regards Noonshade
  9. Hi Comment, Ok other levels are done ... thanks Comment! I didn't think it was that easy! Now is it possible to set the Lesson values, based on the Lesson Deeper values? Would it be something like if Count(Lesson Deeper: Count) > Lesson Deeper:ID; 'In Progress'; 'Complete' Kind regards Noonshade
  10. Hi Comment, Actually - I just tried creating a summary field in that same table, that did a Total of cCountComplete (using the Calculation you provided) and it has got the right answer now I just need to get the Layout to refresh itself so that the counter moves when I change a record and I am done. will try and put this in the context of Module also and see if I can get counters for each of the options, based on the different levels Thanks Comment! Geez you are good! I will come back to let you know if I have gotten it for the other levels also Kind regards No
  11. Hi Comment, Thanks for your reply! Which table would those calculations be put at? The Lesson Deeper level - or the Lesson Level? I put the second one on the Lesson Deeper Level, and that returns a 1 when it equals the value - and 0 if it doesn't (so it is a boolean equation) How do I then count those? Thank you Comment - I think you have almost shown me it ... : - )
  12. Hi Comment, thanks for replying! The result should be a count of each of the levels of the data - showing, as an example, 3 In progress, 2 Test, 1 complete (on deeper level, and on other levels above it reflecting automatically ... ) Then on lessons it would show the count of the level of the lesson plus other lessons - and if they are not all complete, then set the field to in Progress, or alternatively, set the progress to complete - once it is done. think of a book that has chapters and subchapters. Module level - in progress / complete (based on below lesson being
  13. Hi there, I would love some assistance with trying to get a count of type working. To give a context. I have 3 tables - Module, Lesson & Lesson Deeper. I would like to be able to show the status of my progress in the lesson deeper level, and then to be able to count on each of the other levels also. Each of the layers is effected automatically by what is triggered on the Lesson Deeper level, and has 3 responses - In Progress, Test It & Complete. The concept that I have tried is built on keeping the Status in a separate table, and then calculation in a related t
  14. Hi there, The Lion OS has been announced, yet it hasn't been updated for profiles in here. As per attached: Can this be updated please? thank you!
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