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  1. When I fired up FMPA 18 the first time with plugins installed, I received an alert for a number of well-known commercial plugins as well as every one of the plugins created with ScriptMaster Advanced. Will a near-future release of ScriptMaster Advanced allow us to create "digitally signed" plugins? If so, ETA or a workaround? Thanks in advance, - - Scott
  2. This error was encountered by us when the file on the SFTP server was over 17MB in size. We did implement the stated "fix" above to create a "memory size" file inside a "360FmKit" directory using Terminal, but it did not resolve the issue for us. Does anyone know how we can resolve this for files of this larger size?
  3. I have the same need for public key authentication (without password). According to "how to use SFTP (with Client Validation - Public Key Authentication)" on: https://enterprisedt.com/products/edtftpjssl/doc/manual/html/howtousesftpintroduction.html "In public key authentication SSH clients and servers authenticate each other via public/private key pairs. Each must have access to their own private key, and they must have access to each other's public key. The client's public key must be registered with the SSH server, typically by copying it into the server's authorized_keys f
  4. Well, I opened Matt Petrowsky's example plug-ins file on the server with FileMaker Pro Advanced 13, then chose to install the ScriptMaster plug-in locally, which then opened the old Apple Software Update and stated it needed to install Java 6, which I did. I then turned off, then on the Server via Admin Console, then opened Matt's example plug-ins file, and it installed ScriptMaster this time. This is the only way I know of that one could install Java 6 on a machine running newer Mac OS X versions, as Oracle has pulled it, and Apple's installers won't allow it to be installed from Apple's ow
  5. From this TechNet discussion, it's coming down to the default popup menu value list is mirroring the "View Index" list. So far, we know that FileMaker 12 and 13 sort fields the same way: ignoring leading spaces and special characters (like the asterisk). FileMaker 12 displays value lists in popup menus that same way, but FileMaker 13 sorts the list exactly how it displays the "View Index" value index. Anybody else want to chime in here? - - Scott
  6. Heads up: Our users have found that value lists in popup menus that formerly ignored pre-pended characters for sorting, now respect them. For instance, in FileMaker 12, values that were pre-pended with an asterisk were displayed in Alpha-numeric order by default — and the pre-pended asterisk was ignored: Now, in FileMaker 13, these characters are included in the default sort order, so all of the pre-pended values are now together at the top of the list: If anyone has suggestions on how I can restore the previous behavior (short of reverting back to FileMaker 12!), I'm all "ea
  7. Just ran into this yesterday, and initially thought it was either an out-of-date plug-in or that the SC Server was not working right, but it seems to be an unexpected behavior of the SC Webviewer when opened in FileMaker Pro 13. What happens is that the SC content does not appear in the web viewer on records where it is known to exist (images or files), and neither does the UI in the web viewer to "Choose File" or "Upload File". The screenshot below is of the webviewer on a record with a known .png image that appears to be blank This is what it looks like in Layout Mode (sorry
  8. I've used this calculation in conditional formatting to get this desired appearance in list view: Mod ( Get ( RecordNumber ) ; 2 ) = 0 It may work for portal rows as well? Let me know, please. - - Scott
  9. FYI: Comment's recommendation is right on. With respect to [FULL ACCESS] privileges, I don't allow a directory group (external authentication) to have such a high level of privileges (per Mr. Blackwell's security recommendations). I have FileMaker-only accounts for FULL ACCESS, but don't have an external "Admin" group. I also use Matt Petrowsky's "developer" custom function to enable developer-only (FULL ACCESS) functionality. This can be obtained from the Starter example file at filemakerstandards.org, or their GitHub repository. - - Scott
  10. Per the FM functions reference: Get(UserName): The name of the FileMaker Pro user, as specified in the General tab of the Preferences dialog box. Get(AccountName): The authenticated account name being used for the active database file. I recommend to my users that they choose "Other:" in the General tab and input their login name to make logging in to the database easier. Otherwise, the default User Name is usually the System Name - the user name setup on your computer (Users & Groups Preference Panel on Mac OS X). - - Scott
  11. Perhaps "Sid" is your account name used to login, which matches the account setup in FileMaker security (or LDAP/AD)? If so, change the function to Get ( AccountName) instead. - - Scott
  12. Hi, Doug: I think what bcooney said was to create two GLOBAL fields to as intermediate data entry placeholders. The "Create" button she suggested runs a script that grabs the values in the GLOBAL fields, then uses them to perform a "Find" for the existence of such a record. If FoundCount = 0, it creates a new record and populates it with the data you have from the GLOBAL fields. - - Scott
  13. It will work with FMP12… Are you an in-house repair group, Apple-Authorized repair company, or what, as I am curious? - - Scott
  14. Hi, Brett: I saw that you came into chat tonight. Welcome, and don't be "freaked out" by the occasional pointy-eared messages. It's usually about coffee, cheeseburgers, and the weather! I hope you'll stick it out for a while and continue to observe and participate in future Friday Night Chats. Perhaps you could get to the Annual Developers Conference (a.k.a. DevCon - 2013) in San Diego during mid-August? If you do it right, you'll come away with much more than it costs to attend. Best regards, - - Scott
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