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  1. Hi: I have SC on a W7 Profesional machine and Tomcat. FMS 11. Any recommendations on how to restrict WAN access to the files hosted by SC w/o having to use passwords ? ideally I would like to restrict it to the users computers MAC addresses, but I have read that is not possible. Could it be done by restricting it to the IP’s? Any other suggestions ? thanks and regards Carlos
  2. Hi Wim: thanks for your answer. Licensing: Maybe my question was not well made. I already have 4 standalone lifetime FMPA 17 licenses. So I wonder if users of those licenses can connect to the server? Bottlenecks: No real bottlenecks in the current system. Thanks Carlos
  3. Hi: I am planning the upgrade to 18, I have 3 questions 1- I will host my own server, as I do now with 11. We are 9 users, normally not more than 5 are connected. I don’t want to install a Windows server so I will go with a Mac. I am thinking of the basic Mac Mini upgrading memory to 16 GB, is it OK? 2- Of the above 9 users, 4 are occasional. I have 4 FMPA 17 individual licenses. If I buy 5 user licenses, can these 4 occasional users connect to the server with the individual FMPA 17 licenses, or do I have to buy the 9 user licenses? 3 - I will keep using Super
  4. Hi: I want to share a good cloud backup alternative, Hubic, it gives 25 GB free, and you can schedule backup to happen "x" hours or minutes after a file has changed. So just add a backup schedule to the "Hubic"folder of your PC or MAC where you have your server and instruct Hubic to sync 1 hour after, that way you make sure the upload will happen after your backup has completed. Neat and free. I was using Onedrive, but with the recent decrease in free capacity I looked for alternatives, I specially like the delay before upload. Carlos
  5. Hi Josh: What got me wondering was this: Great when you want FileMaker users to directly read and/or write data to a SQL data source. You will need to have an ODBC driver for the SQL source configured on each client machine. Which appears at External SQL Data Source Overview Carlos
  6. Hi Wim: I don't know if I understood correctly, but from FMI website it does seem to be now possible to use FMPro as as from end to a SQL database w/o even using FM server (using the appropriate connector) Is that correct? Best regards Carlos
  7. Hi Wim: There are a lot of CAL discussions all over the Internet, and the licensing terms seem to have a lot of gray areas. I have been reading about it because I was thinking about upgrading to a Windows server and FM server 14 (currently FMS server 11 on a Win 7 Pro, which does not require CAL and allows up to 20 connections). Filemaker updated its knowledge base about this on Feb 3, 2016, and it now says: FileMaker Server connectivity may require CALs, depending on the hosted environment you are running your software in. Contact Microsoft for further questions or concern
  8. Hi LaRetta and Bruce: Thanks for your replies. I will upload a simplified sample so you can take a look, it will take a few days because I'll translate it from Spanish and simplify it to show only this issue, otherwise it can be overwhelming to figure out, it has slowly grown into a spiderweb of relationships, both within the fp7 itself and to separate fp7's used in common with other fp7's ('shared fp7's are for contacts, exchange rates, Incoterms, etc.). Thanks again Carlos
  9. Hi Bruce & LaRetta: I don't have a problem with the value list itself, it works as intended. What I wanted to do is to use a completely different value list if there wew no related records for populating the main one. I did it less "elegant" by displaying another tab. Thanks for replying to my post! :-) Carlos
  10. Hi Everybody I wish you all a very prosperous 2016 and may all your wishes come true. I have been using some of my holiday time to update my FM solutions, so far I have managed most of what I wanted to do and learned a couple of tricks on the way. Now I have found a roadblock, using different value lists on the same field. I have many value lists based on relationships and they work fine, but in this case the situation is: a) It is a checkbook solution, if there is a relationship it displays certain values (List of debtors/creditors in one field, invoice numbers with balanc
  11. Hi Comment I had not noticed FM also has the "Match whole words only" that will also easily do it.
  12. You can also export the fields to a csv file, open it in word pad and do a find/replace taking care of clicking on "Match Whole Word Only". Find 6 Replace with (leave empty) This will remove all 6's but will leave alone numbers like 16 and 66. I tried with the following: 1 12 6 2 1 2 6 6 16 9 1 15 29 66 12 6 And after doing as above got the following result 1 12 2 1 2 16 9 1 15 29 66 12 Then you import the records again. It is fully manual, but since it is only once a year it should be OK. B
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