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  1. No. Not from what I can see. There appears no way to change the field type. As far as I can assertain, a script would be the only way. I dont know enough about scripts to help myself.
  2. How can I write a script to do this so that it will work on FM Go for Ipad? Any suggestions?
  3. So when I sort the address field, FM will sort the addresses alphabeticaly correctly, but the house number is not correctly sorted. example: I search in the address field for streets named "Any Street" FM returns a list of all records. Then I need to sort the streets numericaly. In other words, 1,2,3,4,5 etc. HOWEVER, if I have a house number of, lets say, 21, then the sorted list will return, 1, 2, 21, 3,4,5 etc instead of 1,2,3,4,5,21. Theonly way to sort the number out is to change the field to "number" in list view. Does this make sense?
  4. Hi Lee Thanks for the reminder. This woill work. But, perhapse a search script might be better as I an sent addresses reguralry to contact that are one field.
  5. Ah! Thanks. So I think I was starting to go the right way. BUT. Is it possible to do a search on the same address field, but that will result in the correct alpha numeric sequence? After all, this is actually what I am trying to achieve. Is there a script that I can use to sort the address correctly? I can get the result in Table View - sort options. if i first search by street with the field type set as "text", then once the search has completed i then change the field type to number. this gets the result i am looking at, but I cant make it work in filemaker go. Im thinking that as I am
  6. Thanks so much for the info. Where do I insert these calculation scripts? I am still quite new at all this. Do i put the calculation - LeftWords ( home address ; 1 ) in the "Street No" field and the calculation - RightWords ( home address ; WordCount ( home address ) -1 ) in the "home address" field? Do I need to do the one calculation before the other? Will this effectivley permanently seperate the number from the street name? Thanks
  7. Hi all. Can someone help with this issue. I have a field called "home address" it includes the house number as well as the street name. It looks like this: "123 King Athur St" I need to have the number in its own seperate field. I have created a field "Street No" which should then contain the number "123" from the above example, and the field "home address" should then only contain "King Athur St" Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Lee Thanks. I will be trying this out to see if I can make it work. As far as the address field is concerned, it is very simply the Street address by itself including the street number. The city and zip code etc all have their own fields. So, the strret field currently reads "123 Any Street" and i need to split it into "123" and "Any Street" as two seperate fields.
  9. Hi Lee As always, you have provided excellent feedback. All my numbers contain only 10 didgets (excluding spaces and brackets). As a newbie, I'm not sure where to run your instruction? Filter(YourPhone; "0123456789 ") will return 5551234567 THEREFOR, if, after I figure out where to insert this command, I change the statement to Filter(YourPhone; "(012) 345-6789 ") it should change the contents of my phone field to (555) 123-4567? Yes, Help with the address is very much required. THANKS!!!
  10. Hi All. Once again, a bit of advice will be very much appreciated. I have phone numbers in my database FM Pro 11 that are not entred in the correct format. the numbers should be as follows: (555) 123-4567 This is the exact format I require, including space and punctuation. So, I have numebers like: 5551234567 or (555)1234567 and 555-123-4567 etc. I remember reading somwhere how to fix this so that they all read (555) 123-4567 But I just cant find the thread. THEN, I need to be able to also export the telephone numbers to Excel, but the telephone number then has to
  11. Hi. Can someone provide some assistance please. So , heres what I am trying to do. I have several fields that contain different dates. I want to be able to find all records where that date occur for example in Jan. The year is not required part of the search. So, I have the fields: Item 1 Exprey date 01/25/2012 Item 2 Expirey date 05/31/2001 Item 3 Expirey date 01/17/1967 The script or find should ask "What month do you want to find?" User should then be able to enter a month or a range of months, eg. Jan, Feb or whatever. The scipt should
  12. Thanks guys. I got it working now. I have many hundreds of records that already have my NOTES field populated with a lot of text already. How would I integrate my existing notes with your newly created notes field if I can get it to work? I Like your "Field Method" and middle "Record method" This is exactly what Im trying to acchive, I just have to figure out how to integrate it into my existing database.
  13. Thanks Stephen. I tried again, but still no luck. Doesnt give me the option to see the script or modify the record. I like what I see though. Only thing is I have many hundreds of records that already have my NOTES field populated with a lot of text already. How would I integrate my existing notes with your newley created notes field if I can get it to work? In the meantime, how can I deal with my original : You said -------"You may also wish to set the field to : List ( <the calc> ; MyNoteFIeld ) this way it will build up your note field. and the most current note is at the
  14. I can open the file, but cant edit it to look at the scripts, or add it to my database.
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