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  1. Your time is valuable Sir, but if you build this, I'd move heaven and earth to purchase it. I've got the VM's snaps on hourly. I've got log monitoring going. I've been trying to conceptualize a data comparative to know what changed in the data if the worst happens. You are right, there is a lot of moving parts to account for. You might be one of a very small handful of professionals on the planet that can do this!
  2. I wish that was the case here. We have several thousand servers/solutions and cyber requirements that often change hourly. Hence, an automated nightly reboot would settle in those updates and global policy changes. (alway good to hear from you Wim, I've got a lot of respect for your knowledge)
  3. Actually I wish there was a best practice way to do this nightly. Server updates and patches happen all day long here and some mornings I wake up and a half dozen of my FM servers are frozen. A reboot generally fixes them, but it can take an hour or more to walk through them, check the logs, and then do a controlled reboot.
  4. Thanks! refreshfm.com is exactly what I was looking for.
  5. I'm looking for both guidance and software to assist in FileMaker Change Control. With over a 100 deployed solutions across multiple servers the process change management from dev > test > production is very labor intensive. BaseElements helps a lot but it is only one part of the puzzle. Porting the data from production > test across these solutions and then doing UAT and QA is again, labor intensive. How are others handling this? Is there some software or process documents I'm missing? I'd welcome any input to this topic. Mike
  6. We just went through this. As noted it was necessary to use Task Manager to force quit FileMaker. Turns out we had to downgrade our Windows 7.x users to the 32 bit version of FileMaker and the problem went away. Not an issue on the mac side.
  7. Yes - immediately, however, the user can click OK and they are permitted into appropriate areas correctly based on their permissions. It's odd. I've tried to reproduce this error on my Mac and PC using Safari, IE, Chrome, FireFox and could only get it to occur once. Then never again. Some users get it more often, but not consistently. I administer over 125 solutions across 5 servers (14.0.4a) and have never encountered this before.
  8. My users are getting this error "database not available" when attempting to access a solution (the only solution) on this server. I get the error on a Macbook with Safari, they get the error with a PC using IE. I notice when searching for this error that some solve it by redeploying the server, or rebooting the server, or removing the "spaces" in the name and replacing them with "_". I've tried all that. Still getting the error. I'm not sure what else to try. FMS / WS 2012 R2
  9. Wim - thank you! Downloading it now.
  10. I have a client that would like to use MS Access to connect to a table in a solution hosted on FMS 14.0.3. What I'm reading suggests that was possible with .fmp5 and .fmp7 but is no longer available in .fm12. I've tried to use Access and both (mac) Excel and (windows) Excel to connect via ODBC to the FMS hosted table and I can construct the query and see the fields, but when I submit the request I get an error. Is it still possible to connect Excel or Access to FileMaker 14.0.3 (hosted)? The error I get appears on the attached screenshot. Is anyone currently doing this? Thank y
  11. A colleague indicated he was unable to import a CSV file into FileMakerGO / iOS so that users could continue to work with his solution when wireless is unavailable. Is this true? Is there a work around? [FMGo14]
  12. Can a self signed certificate be used? We have the ability to generate these for all our servers. Thank you
  13. I'm having trouble using an iSCSI drive as a place for backups. FMS13 sees it as a remote volume, not internal drive. When I attempt to "verify" the path to the D: folder, nothing happens. Can't verify, can't save. I can only revert. Essentially I have the server software on the C: drive and I want to use the D: drive as a place for backups. Has anyone out there been successful using an iSCSI drive for nightly backups? I have verified permission on the folder on the D: drive that I want to use as storage. FMS13.x.5, Windows Server 2012 Thanks in advance
  14. Excellent response - I wondered the same thing. I tried various background to see if I could blend it in, but whatever is creating that border is background aware and adjusts accordingly. I also tried what you suggested and increased object sizes by a point or made them smaller by a point or two with a mask. No joy. Thank you for taking a moment to consider this issue! Mike
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