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  1. Hi doughemi, Thanx for your reply, the calculation Bedrag=Cases*Prijs is not working, but when i do Cases*Prijs it works ok. Thank you for support!!
  2. Hello, Could someone help me with this question? I have a row in a portal in wich i would like to make a calculation: Bedrag= Cases*Prijs, but if Hoeveelheid is filled in then it should calculate Bedrag= Hoeveelheid*Prijs. The fields are all numeric. The calculation should be possible on one row, in this example i have made it on two. Yours sincerely Frans
  3. Thanks Comment, is the same as in word editor.
  4. Hi, I have found an example on the web of an resourceplanner and in this example did they use this sign: "¶" resource_data_1::Res_data_status & "¶" &. What is the function of this sign..?? Thanks, Frans
  5. Hi Vaughan, Thanks for your reply. The related records are locked but i stil can use de delete button.. is there a way to avoid this? Thanks, Frans
  6. Hi Vaughan, I figured it out, but i have one thing that is not working like i would. I have a delete button on every row in a portal, i stil can use it though i restrtict the user to make any changes in the record, How can i avoid this....? Thanks, Frans
  7. Hi Vaughan, Thanks for the reply. I found this article from Steven H. Blackwell: In several different venues over the past several days a number of different developers have inquired about processes for locking records in a table against further changes once a set of business rules are satisfied. Unfortunately in some instances the recommendations given in answer to these inquiries can fail and leave records vulnerable to hacking. These include the idea that layout access manipulation can somehow protect the record against being altered. In my view the best and most secure w
  8. Hi, I have a question, is it possible that when a record has a certain status it cannot be changed annymore. For instance i have records in a database with the status "paied" then the record may not be changed anymore. Thanks, Frans
  9. Hi LaRetta, I finally figured it out. Thanks, Frans
  10. Hi LaRetta, I have one more question about the above topic, The solution works perfect, but i can't get the right data in the report. The problem is that i only see the first entry from the customers order, i have tried to get the orders from another table (Artikelen), that works but then i cannot see the order from one customer but all. The link between the databases is the FactuurID. Thanks, Frans
  11. Hi LaRetta, Yes, your right the second one is not an item that should be in the list (stupid from me) but your statement in the last sentence is correct. It would be nice if i could choose wich report also from a dropdownbox. Thanks, Frans
  12. Hi LaRetta, To answer your question about "Show all", is just for me to see all the records and not only a subset. I have another question about the dropdownbox, is it possible that when i choose an customer, a second choice can be made also in a dropdownbox...?? This second choice could be: 1e Salesreport customer 2e Salesreport all customers 3e Outstanding payments 4e Credit note Thanks, Frans
  13. Hi LaRetta, The solution works perfect, i made a mistake in the "values from" i did not match the right fields. I have another question, now i see the ID in the dropdownlist at the top, is there a way to prevent this? And when i return to my layout i have to push the button "show all" , i gues that i can do this in the way back from the report layout with a command. Many thanks for your help. Frans
  14. Hi LaRetta, Thank you for your welcome to me, Now the answer to your questions: I want in this proces to see what each customer buys seperately, so i can see the differance between this year and 2011. These are no problem customers but i would like to see if they are one the same level as 2011. The number of customers is not verry high less then 25 so that is no problem with a list to choose from. Thanks, Frans
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