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  1. Yes, you right but I only want users to add tools by using sequence sheet. Setup sheet is just simplified (summary like) view in this case where tools are displayed only once and always in the same order 1001 first 1002 second. Below you can find example of what I tried to achieve in first place. In this case when there is no tool 1001 on sequence sheet setup sheet display data from tool 0000. This mean that I have to have 0000 tool on every sequence sheet just in case there is no tool 1001. Is there a way to set portal to display default value if tool 1001 doesn't exist? Thank
  2. Hi, By using and analysing some examples from you guys I manage to get sort of solution I was looking for. learning portals filter.fp7.zip It will require to have lot of portals within one layout so the question is how FM will perform. However by setting separate portal for each tool on setup sheet and adding filter i manage to get right result. Comment thanks for your suggestion I will test it next to see how it will work. I have noticed that I already have similar relationships between SeqSht -< joint_seqsht_tools >- Tools Thanks for support!
  3. Hi again, The aim for this exercise is to: 1. Have a table "tools" with all tools available 2. Have sequence sheet where user add tools in order they are use (possible repetitions) 3. Automatically create setup sheet By setup sheet I mean a list with constant number of tools 1001 - 1010 set always when creating new record. Now, when tool 1001 doesn't exist on sequence sheet on setup sheet related field automatically say "no tool". If tool 1001 exist (one,twice or more) on sequence sheet, data (and additional informations) for specific tool get copied / calculated or link
  4. I can't sleep now... to excited I tried to implement your solution with next field but some how its not working. Why with new field np number and the same calculation is not picking right values from table Tools::NP Number? Thanks learning.fp7.zip
  5. magic! thanks for that, I will try to figure it out tomorrow thanks Ocean West P.S. Why have to use "¶" in calculation?
  6. ups, its is not working as rheinport commented filter only works for fields not tables i attached copy of my learning database learning.fp7.zip on SetupSht layout tool_1 should return Tools::Desc value if tool 1001 exist for specific SeqSht. so if I insert seq_sht_id = 1 on SetupSht layout tool_1 should return "no tool" as there is no record within joint_seqsht_tools where seq_sht_id = 1 and Assy No = 1001. for field_2 it should return "two" as there is a vaild record within joint_seqsht_tools table where seq_sht_id = 1 and Assy No = 1002. in case of changing seq_
  7. it is giving me the right result same how I'm at the moment in early stage of learning and designing so we will see thanks a lot for help
  8. Hi, I was trying to use Filter function to filter table content, for example let say that we have table: id field1 field2 1 1 a 1 2 b 1 3 c 2 1 a 2 2 b 2 3 c I was trying to filter table ID by using Filter function, then i was trying to filter field1 by Filter function. last step was to assign field2 value to calculated field. Some how by writing this: Case ( Filter ( joint_seqsht_tools::seq_sht_id; seq_sht_id ) ; Case ( Tools::Assy No = "1001" ; Tools::Desc ; "no tool" )) it is working Do you know any other ways for filt
  9. Hi, Could someone help me with creating calculated field which filter my table twice and then take specific value as value for field for example: for ( field 1 = 1) for ( field 2 = 2) use field 3 How to create for loop in filemaker so i can nested Filter ( textToFilter ; filterText ) twice to filter table content and get field 3 as a result. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Ok Done! After swapping last two lines it is all working great. Do you know why option from the topic does not exist in the Inspector with Control style set to pop-up menu and Allow entry of other values ticked? Im reading some articles and apparently there should be one there? P.S. It looks like there is no other way but to learn Scripts Thanks for your help and finding way around!
  11. Thanks Ocean, Thanks for looking into it. It works great with one small exception. After adding new entry I would like that value to become value for record. I don't think I described my problem good enough in previous post. Tomorrow I will try to figure it out how you done this list and connections. Once again thanks for help!
  12. Hi, Just starting with FM and found problem with pop-up menu. I would like pop-up menu to have option to insert "Others" and also include that in the list next time user click on this field. I know there is a "Edit" option for pop-up menu but I don't want users to be able to edit entries, just add new ones to the list. FM Pro 11 Thanks, Mariusz
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