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  1. Mountain Lion’s New File System Apple has been working on its file system and with iOS it had almost killed the concept of folders — before reintroducing them with a peculiar restriction: only one level! With Mountain Lion it brings its one folder level logic to OSX. What could be the reason for such a restrictive measure? Classic folder systems don’t perform too well. One reason is that organizing folders is engaging in the tiring discipline of information architecture. Information architecture is hard brain work. Just like a chess problem, it seems obvious once done, but takes considerab
  2. i started out 1984 on DOS Machines !!  All earth started out with "The Disk Operating The System". RAM Memory components has and stil remains slow in development on earth, so Hard Disk Systems had to be temporarily ultilized. Unfortunately we are still in that phase.  Thus, Bill Gates introduced Windows and Apple competed. Ever since, all there has been is, a bunch of Windows FLYING AROUND for navigation, all the while EVERYBODY OF FILEMAKER HAS BEEN BUSY EVOLVING ALL-IN-ONE Filing System CENTRALIZING NAVIGATION — trying to keep US in ONE Environment.  i just think a Good Pr
  3. THANKS, over many years never had any corruptions everything fine until i added a plugin who gave me wrong version. And about OS's .. yea, never ever did liked neither OS machines, cause they are built designed around what Steve Jobs and Bill Gates THINK how the world should file things — improper filing systems. Is not that, "the evolutionary mission goal of FileMaker to become an all in one filing system .. i say eliminate The MAC OS Finder completely. In any case, i believe ANY and all Data NEVER shoud be a OPENED file. Which is what my "I.A.M Program" does. Hav
  4. Bottom Line: To FileMakers new Container, "your going to end up with too many external folder(s)". for my FMA12 i just not want a bunch of external folders laying around all over in various locations on my Mac !! My Quest has long long been to have all my photo library images all reside in one file / table. Currently the embedded images resides in a FMA11 file at 13,500 images at 6 GB. Unfortunately it is corrupted but do have its clone in FMA12. i could convert it but fear to mess with it as the file sits active open. i have 20 GB of images from my iPhone came
  5. but i am stick with an older FMA11 large file having many duplicates. theres got to be a way to eliminate duplicates ? there is the CSN PLugin ? but it looks complicated ?? anyway can i import from FileMaker11 into FileMaker12? my FileMaker11 large embedded image file is corrupted its too big anyway!! once i import them (using reference) THEN WHAT HAPPENS when i kill delete that source file? No more source that references my new FileMaker12 file ?? hope i catch ya around ? Just wondering about your duplicate images QUEST. robert
  6. What do you think of the CNS Plugin ? i found it in my long search for wanting to eliminate duplicates. However this plug looks like not a simple approach for eliminating duplicates ?? i like to keep things simple.
  7. Dear Forum, Well... Thank you very much !! _i_ like Wim Decorte's simplicity: lefttValues( yourText, valuecount( yourText) - 1 ) And to get a bit esoteric, " _i_ think thats what FileMaker Pro is all about .... ... evolving simplicities (going easy on the brain). So _i_ will use Wim Decorte's formula and simply follow it with ... Case(Right(textField;1)= ¶; Left(textField; Length(textField)-1); textField). Definitely interesting formula equation above ... will save that in my file. AGAIN THANKS AND GOOD DAY !! rob_ert
  8. Dear Philadelphia, geeeeese... of course _i_ forgot valuecount but....... remain with same problem .... theres one last carriage return siting at the bottom NOT WANT !! rob from wawaka Indiana
  9. Hello, How to simply.... "remove the last carriage return and all text right of it ? thank you for your time. disable vet rob
  10. Hello, Could _i_ grap your attention for a few minutes please ? Do you know how to simply, "remove the last carriage return and all text right of it ? thank you for your time. disable vet rob
  11. boy _i_ not know whats going on here but _i_ NEVER can find the link for posting my Subject .. HOW TO HIDE PORTAL RECORDS WITH PORTAL FILTERING ?? SUCH A SIMPLE TASK BUT WON'T WORK !! wrote administration and got directions BUT _i_ see NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NO LINKS FOR POSTING rob
  12. dear FileMaker Forum, you can run infinite number of scripts by their names all from inside one FM global field without using the "if" statement!!! i had it working in one of my older solutions just fine!!! but since i am a disabled war vet with disability that puts limits a lengthy concentration / discussions.. i need to be shown, "WHAT TO DO", "NOT TOLD WHAT TO DO". Thats i work. i pretty much not think what to do. i just do it!!! if it doesn't work do it again differently!!! i did have it working.. i was running numerous scripts all from one global field with a very si
  13. sorry i am trying to figure out how to post and barge in here to ask YOU cause new to the Forum. i see no place where i can post my question that i been struggling with over many full moons... how to run various scripts all from one global field ? i got script names residing in 6 repeating fields. when i give a value (1-6) i want to run THAT script in that repeating field.
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