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  1. We have a data loader table (QUE) that information is loaded into until it is inspected for accuracy. then the data is removed after it is approved and sent to inventory. we have had two cases that information was removed accidentally from the QUE, and there is no redo button to press. My thoughts were to automatically create an archive by automatically entering the data into a QUE_backup table as it is entered originally in the QUE. The QUE backup table would hold the data a rolling 7 days then delete it automatically. I know how to do all that, but i
  2. I would like to post data in a field in one table, and automatically post the same data in a field in a different table. I don't even know where to start: Each table has the same fields in it.
  3. We just upgraded to FileMaker 13 and Filemaker 13 Server running on a server with Windows 12 server OS Our database contains inventory of some 200 thousand Items, each Item has a photo associated with it. The Photos are located in a folder on the server. Is there a way I can relate the Item# and the Photo saved as the same name as the Item# that is located in a File Folder. Item# = 12345 Photo = 12345.jpg (the Folder name is MASTERIMAGE) I tried this "imagewin:/c://‪MASTERIMAGE/Item#"&".jpg" but it won't work Can anyone help?
  4. A change that is a KILLER for us: FM12 no longer has PHP Assistant... Example: http://catechinventory.capitolabs.com/ Also: Everything we do in FM12 is slower, whats up with that? We spent weeks attempting to convert to FM12. Our Techs spent hours with on-line FM support, the program has a lot of new features we like but the downside is speed. We feel that FM12 is not ready for prim-time yet. We are waiting for fix updates.
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