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  1. Thanks for the questions, this is a new interface so haven't worked through all of the particulars for the future but I think I have a sense how this will be working: On the initial registration day a person pays a lump sum of $325 and agrees to pay an installment payment on April 1st that is the balance due. The initial lump sum is actually a combo of a $75 registration fee and a $250 tuition balance, but that combo is what gets assessed the 2.1% plus $.11 So in the end the transactions might look like the following and what I need to do is to do a calculation of (grouped_transact
  2. Looking to do a calculation of a transaction fee that is based on a fixed percent plus $0.11. This is determined by the date the transaction comes through one. So registrants are paying $325 initially which gets broken up in the database as $75 registration fee and $250 tuition, both on the same date. I can easily add those together and calculate one transaction fee, but there will be separate payments coming in the future that are on a different date and need to get assesses the transaction fee separately. Right now there is a transaction table and a student table that are joined by an
  3. I have played around with the autosizing feature for various fields in the Inspector (Layout View). Good success with fields that are the only item on the row across the screen, but still haven't quite figured out how to center/format fields where there are multiple fields in a given row of the screen. Haven't played with trying to resize the actual browser window. Not sure if this can be done. dan
  4. reported. Just as a side note, the white text color in the dropdown list shows up correctly in Web Direct!
  5. profile updated... I will certainly report the issue. For the moment looks like I will be switching quite a few fields over to pop-ups to make them more readable. dan
  6. Curious about the status of this question. What I have found is that in FMP 11 the highlighted text in a drop down list that was not set to auto complete showed up as white text against the blue highlight that was/is the default (?) on the Apple OS. In FMP 13 (skipped 12) I can't get the text to show up as white unless I change it from drop down list to pop-up, as a previous post suggested. This is problematic for users with poor eyesight. Wondering if the Themes in 13 might address this. Anyone have insight?
  7. So I am still having trouble with this issue. I have set up a mock database to show the essence of the relationships. The real database has many more relationships and tables, and quite a few instances of tables in it. All for purposes beyond the scope of hat I am trying to do (I think). so the process that works is a faculty member sees a portal listing the classes they teach , and when they click on a class they see the students enrolled in a specific class they teach. By entering that layout by a calendar interface they can indicate a student as being absent on a particular date
  8. right!! point made. I was referring to every day of the academic period when school is in session. this part I already have working and I already have a table of events that are a list of the dates when school is in session (this helps populate my calendar). this makes total sense, and maybe what I have to do. I was sort of hoping that I could use the Absences table to allow for an entry of either a absence or an all present on a particular date and then based on the date and the recorded class ID map that into a layout or portal that would allow an admin to see what teachers
  9. so after doing a little searching on this forum it seems to be that repeating fields and use of those repetitions is a poor choice to pursue. I had only thought of that solution because the creator of the database I am using had chosen to use that concept in a couple of instances. managed to make sense of those instances and learned a little about the repetition concept. Doesn't seem like I will be pursuing it.
  10. Thanks for the reply… The database is complex, perhaps a little disorganized as well. Classes is a table where each record represents a specific class that is offered at a given time of the day. They meet each day, so I created a calendar interface that allows a teacher to choose a specific day, see a listing of their students in a given class on that day and identify a student as absent. That incident creates a record in the Attendance table and is related to the classes table via essentially the student ID number. That part works. Your idea of having a table where each record represen
  11. I am working on a FM database and have been trying to make it do attendance electronically from each teacher. There are 26 tables total, three of which I have created to make the calendar interface that will allow teachers to input the attendance. All has gone well on that level, although I now need a way for the admin to look at a list of teachers and see if each teacher has done the attendance for each class they teach and to do this for each day that the school runs. This is what I am having trouble with. This is complicated by the fact that a teacher could mark a student absent and ful
  12. Fantastic! Thanks for the suggestions. The let statement worked perfectly.
  13. Hi, I am using FM to generate ical files that contain specific events that are read from a FM database. Have been doing this for about a year or so with excellent results and it has taken maybe 2 to 3 hours to generate the 3000 or so ical files that run the span of an academic year. The new Lion OS disrupted this because it needs a User ID field in the ics file in order for Lion to read it correctly. Without the UID each event gets imported into iCal twice. So the script below (parts were lifted from the internet) makes a UID and everything works fine except it now takes double the amount
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