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  1. Hi All, I have a layout where there is a "New" button to add a new record. When the new button is clicked, it performs various scripts (e.g. new record, set field, etc.) However, when the user uses the shortcut key CTRL+N to create a new record on this layout, it does not go through the script steps. Is there a way or is it even possible to tie the shortcut key to the "New" button? I have other layouts that has "New" button as well but performs a different "SetField" script, i would like CTRL+N to be dynamic depending on layout. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  2. Hi All, I was wondering if there is a possible way to turn on/off for "Allow Entry" to a field in Browse Mode. I would like the user to click a button to make the field "Active". If not possible, is it possible to set a conditional format to resize an object? Let's say I have a web viewer, when I click a button, the web viewer expands to a set size. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Dave
  3. Hi All, I need to create a frontend for users to upload audio files into ContainerField and then it gets exported/stored to a designated network drive. I also would like the ORIGINAL file in the ContainerField to now become a reference link to the audio file in the designated drive...is this possible? Any help is appreciated!! Thank you, Dave
  4. Hi All. I am in the process of figuring out a way to create letters based on a series of questions. Let's say I'm creating a "Court" related letter. The data entry user have to go through a list of questions like "Does the client have a witness?" , "Was there an officer present at the time of event?", etc... which will possibly lead to more follow up questions based on his/her answers. The output (finding) will/should be based on the answers and will be generated on a court letter template in MS Word. Is this something we can easily achieve in Filemaker? Is there an alternate suggestion/s
  5. Nevermind, I think I found the solution. It's in the "Edit Relationships" property, check the box that says "Delete related records in this table when a record is deleted in the other table." Works great now!
  6. Hi Everyone. I have a Projects Table and a Tasks Table. In my Project Layout, I have a Tasks portal. When I DELETE a Project Record, the tasks are still in the Tasks Table. How do I delete the Master record (projects) along with the related tasks? thanks
  7. Thank you. I believe adding the .doc at the end just adds an extra filename. It isn't actually opening it as a .Doc file. When you go to Save As in the document, you'll see the default name to be Test.dot.dot.
  8. I am storing the files directly in the database, it is not a reference link. Right now I have this script running: Set Variable [$path; Value:"file:" & Get (TemporaryParth) & GetAsText(ContainerFieldName) Export Field Contents [ContainerFieldNAme; "$path"; Automatically open]
  9. Hi guys. I want to export a .dot file that's stored in a container and open as .doc. I have a button next to the container that will export the file to the default temp storage location and open the file automatically. The file only opens as .dot. Is there a way to make it open as .doc? Thank you.
  10. Hi everyone! I have been searching all over for answers, and there seems to be none. I have a data entry "Comments" field and I want the field to expand when the text goes over the size of the field. Is there ANY possible way? I do not want to make a huge 'Comments' field and use the slide function for printing. I want the field to expand as the text goes. I was thinking there might be a solution using some calculation, script trigger, or conditional formatting. I haven't figured it out yet. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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