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  1. Thanks Comment for the response, this is greatly appreciated. It worked.
  2. I am getting a value from a plist file and I am trying to update the value of a field in a FileMaker Pro table. The script read the plist files correctly but the field does not get updated in the FileMaker Pro table. Would anyone have an idea why set _EventNo to field "EventNo" of table "Preferences" does not work? Many Thanks! tell application "System Events" tell property list file ("Volumes:NX5U:NX5U.plist") tell contents set _EventNo to {value of property list item "EventNo"} end tell end tell end tell set _EventNo to field "EventNo" of table "Preferences"
  3. Hello, I've been doing some search on how to Get the content of a plist file within FileMaker Pro and the only information I am getting are links on "Where is FileMaker plist preference path located". I have been able to perform this action in using "Perform AppleScript...." Are there another way then using "Perform AppleScript"? tell application "System Events" to tell property list file ("Volumes:NO NAME:NX5U.plist") set value of property list item "EventNo" to "44" end tell Many THANKS!
  4. Problem fixed without making any changes to the code. This applescript was called twice in the main program. I've removed the first call. For this script to work some initialisations were required and the call was then misplaced. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I have included in my FileMaker Pro solution a native AppleScript module and when being executed I am getting the error message : Finder got an error: Handler can’t handle objects of this class. Unknown Error: -10010. When running this module as AppleScript in OSX, everything goes OK and there no error message being displayed. The error occurs only when being executed from FileMaker Pro. It is important to mention even with the error message the AppleScript still execute correctly. I've tried to find which line was causing the error by inserting "Display dialog" statement. No line in particular seems to be causing the problem. It happens right from when the AppleScript module is being called. Would anyone have an idea why ? THANKS! Daniel _mountFARAMIR.pdf
  6. Today, sixty minutes before terminating an assignment my MacMini crashed on me. It's no longer working, it doesn't want to reboot. The Server HD drive is no longer accessible. Good things the scheduled backups were done on the second drive (MacIntosh HD). In two days from now I have an important contract and I need to have access to my database. I was able to get to the AppleStore before it closed and got another MacMini. Unfortunately, any new Mac comes with Yosemite as the OS. I've tried to install FMS 12 and the installation stops asking to have "Bonjour" enabled. At this moment I running out of solutions. I cannot find anything which would help me to enable Bonjour. My last resort will be ton install FileMaker Pro and make it shareable through the network. I did it and seems to work fine. However, my preferred scenario would be to have FMS 12 installed on this new MacMini with Yosemite. Has someone been able to installed FMS 12 with Yosemite as the OS? Tomorrow I only have 120 minutes I can dedicate to making this work. Any help greatly appreciated ! Many thanks. Daniel P.s.: in case someone ask, installing FMS 13 is not a feasible solution. If this is the case, I will wait for my next contract to finish and look on the Internet for a MacMini with Mavericks.
  7. I am in the middle of a contract a this moment and I've started to get this message. Java.io.filenotfoundException: Directory /Volumes/Data/10 could not be created because the parent directory /Volumes/Data is not writeable. I have been doing this for the last two weeks and never had any issues. I rely quite extensively on scriptmaster functions. Unfortunately, nothing works anymore, I have to do everything manually. The parent disk is writetable and I have been creating folder all along. I did not change anything to my environment. Would someone's experienced this problem ? MANY THANKS! Daniel
  8. I have table with multiple layouts which have a field called "statusSD". I do have scripts which run et change the value of that parameters. IN order to have the field status displaying the right color, I always run the script call "Refresh all layout" to ensure the "conditional formatting is being triggered. Is this the right way to do this? P.S.: At the moment the commit record does not work. However the script is only to give you and idea of what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks! Daniel customChecks.zip
  9. Thanks Comment, Your statement gave ma an hint. When looking at the "Specify Fields for Value List, the "Also display from second field" was turned on. Turning it off resolved the issue.
  10. I am creating a pop-up menu list from a calculation within a table. For some reason the value being displayed is always showing twice. Would someone experienced this problem before ? Pop-up menu (double).tiff
  11. Thanks eos, I did not know about launcher file. It does exactly what I was looking for. Daniel
  12. Thanks IdealData, The database is sitting in FileMaker Server 12. What I am trying to accomplish is to replace having to open the DBMS remotely when sitting at the workstation. I do have staff for which opening a dbms remotely is an hard to concept to understand. What I wanted to do then was to write an applescript program which would remotely open the database. When the FileMaker Database is up, I would call a re-login for the user to enter his password. I do have three mac which have to remotely open to the same dbms. I thought the get remote URL was the right command to use for this situation. Your help is greatly appreciated. Daniel
  13. I've written the following applescript program to open my FileMaker Pro DBMS remotely. I get an AppleEvent time out error. Would someone know why? Thanks! tell application "FileMaker Pro" set openDBs to {} try set openDBs to name of every database end try if openDBs contains "dbms.fmp12" then show database "dbms.fmp12" else get remote URL "fmp12://batchuser@password/" end if end tell
  14. Thanks bcooney, It works with the set to global storage. I will read about the QuickFind.
  15. I've added a field called SearchField within a Customer table and samething into an Invoice table. When the user click the find button a script is triggered which detects the type of Search to be conducted. If the user enter a 10 consecutive number, the script detects it should perform a find on the customer:phone field, if it 6 consecutive number, it detects it's an invoice:invoiceNo. The script behaves as expected. However, when two user are using the search in the "Customer Layout", the second user must wait until it's unlock. Samething with the invoice:InvoiceNo. Also, the other users sees the caracters I've entered for my search criteria. Is there a way, a workaround which would bypass the lock/unlock? Unfortunately global variable are not editable. Many thanks! Daniel
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