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  1. What do people use to create a XSL style sheet which can be used by filemaker pro? When performing the xml import/export I do not have access to the internet. It looks like I would need smoking of xml editor to create XSL style sheet. Am I correct? I only need to create this XSL style sheet once? is there some-kind of free xml editor which can be used to create XSL style sheet. Thanks!
  2. I have been going through the web to look for examples and I have not been successful. Even when looking in Lynda.com. Over the years, I have been using plist files and now wants to change to xml. I am looking for example on how to export and import data in xml format with filmakers pro . Does anyone have an idea where I could find some information? The idea is to create a script which would import a xml file located on a SDHC card. A script is being used to format SDHC cards and at the same time the NX5UCarteNo field will be updated to identify the card with a number from 01 to 10. The information is the being exported as an XML file onto the SDHC card. The next time the SDHC card is mounted the script would then import it's content in the NX5U table. The xml file is to identify which SDHC card is being mounted. This would be done with the information saved under the NX5UCarteNo field. Thanks for your help! With regards! Daniel
  3. Excellent, I am now able to perform processes based on the user selection. The first choice to the user is "All of those process down below: " By making this choice I would like the application to show all other actions has being selected. I thought entering all actions in a calculated field would do it. Unfortunately, it did not. Is this possible to do? Would it be possible to provide me with a short example. Best regards! TriggerTraitementPourPublication.pdf
  4. This is the first time I am using a CheckBox set from a list and do not know how get what has been selected within a script. I am showing both the list of possible values along with a script I've thought would work. I know how to work with radio button but never did use this approach. I would appreciate if someone could provide me with an example. Best regards! Daniel Select a step to process.pdf
  5. I've done a "Perform find" where one record out out of 4 has been selected. However, the line 49 " set field (Invoice Data::PRODUIT ID MATCH FIELD ; $__pkCryptedNameFileID)" command does not update the content of the field . Why ? I do not understand, in the meantime, I've noticed the selected record of the 'Invoice Data" table is coloured grey not white. Many thanks for your help.
  6. Is there a reason for not being able to loop on selected records of a go to relation? Or is there a way to make those selected records being something like in the present case page 1 of 3 for record « solo 0101 », page 2 of 3 for record « solo 0305 » and page 3 of 3 for record « solo 0306 »? I am thinking of something, is it as simple as changing print setup i.e not use related records in the print. I want to avoid printing 300 pages for no reason. thanks. Daniel
  7. I've got very little experience in working with "go to related records". I've managed to get to print Customer and Merchant invoice. I'm having difficulties in printing QR-Code Coupon. When comes the time to print the coupon there are 3 records in the "Data Invoice" table. I am trying to print each of those three records as individual coupon. The expectation for this request is to produce 1 Customer invoice, 1 Merchant invoice and 3 QR-Code coupons. At the moment, I only getting 1 Customer invoice, 1 Merchant invoice and 1 QR-Code coupon. I've inserted a loop in order to print each of the 3 coupons and for some reason it does not work. Would someone have an idea why I cannot print those three coupons? Thanks in advance! TSP100_InvoicePrinting.pdf
  8. M. Decorte, could you help me about this topic? Thanks!
  9. I am about to upgrade from FileMaker Pro 12 to FileMaker Pro 16. The readings seems to suggest to have High Sierra as the OS. I currently have Maverick and need to upgrade the OS for FMP 16 to be installed. I was going to upgrade to Mojave but believe I would be better with High Sierra. There seems to be issues with FMP 16 and Mojave. I would appreciate getting your advise. With regards! Daniel
  10. Hello, I do want to upgrade from Filemaker Server 12 to version 16. At first I've wanted to uninstall v12 but cannot access to the console. I get screen saying "Cannot start the Consol, managing Admin Server not available? Does anyone have an idea of why I cannot start the FMS 12 Consol. Thanks! FMS-ERR.tiff
  11. I need to be able to execute VLC within FileMaker Pro. The clip to be displayed is to start and to end at a certain time. I have been able to do it using the following under MAC Terminal. Unfortunately, VLC starts but not at the correct place. I've created a variable $paraVLC which contains the "start, end time values to be used by VLC as video parameters. Would any one have an idea how to pass VLC parameters when using perform applescript? Thanks! printVLC.pdf
  12. DPaquin

    QR code

    I’ve got no experience in this. I use scriptmaster which I believe used JavaScript. Is it kind if the same? I’ve quickly look at QR code java script self contained on the internet and it’s says compatible with such browsers (Safari, Chrome...). My application is FileMaker Pro stand alone application how a JavaScript self-contained run in such application. As you can see I have wears questions because I’ve got very low knowledge in this. thanks again!
  13. DPaquin

    QR code

    Thanks Comment, this is very helpful. It has to be self contained since I do not have access the internet. It’s being used in a closed network, the wifi network connection is turned off and no computers are connected via Ethernet wire (rj45). Does this eliminate option 3, I am guessing this option requires internet connection when the QR code generator is being launched. I need to ensure all cameras from people intelligent phones and tactiles tablet can interpret the code at all times. Does this eliminates option 4, because requires a lot of programming and there is possibilities of missing some codings. I also have only one week to program this functionality. We are then left with option 1 and 2. One or two computers (future usage could be one or two iPads) would connected to a Filemaker server via an ethernet cable (rj45). As an exemple, then QR code would be displayed on the iPads and the user would use the camera of their intelligent phone to scan the code. Does this help, I may have to buy a plugin. What would available at a reasonable cost? I do not know about the bar code from an API (Google charts). Does it need access to the internet when being executed?
  14. DPaquin

    QR code

    I need to generate QR code within FileMaker Pro. I’ve been looking on the internet but I am not sure on what to do. QR code are to be generated in the background. Customers would make their order and part of their receipts a QR code would be printed. By pointing to their QR code with their intelligent phone some triggers would be activated. Then my need is to gather customer information generate and provide the customer invoice with a QR code for him to point when the product is ready. I would appreciate in getting your advise on getting a FMP generate QR code function. with regards! Daniel
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