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  1. Hello Sean, "Please install the current store build of ScriptMaster..." What did I do ? Remove current build from filemaker extension (picture 1); Remove log files from filemaker server directory (picture 2); Open localhost to ensure the build was not shown under the plugin tab; Restarted computer; Executed "fmsadmin restart adminserver -y" (picture 1); Downloaded a new build from 360Work web site; Copied the new build onto the extension directory; Open localhost to enable the copied build. Went to Plugins tab to enable it. Each time I've clicked to enable it disable itself (Video 1); Tried to Save the the change. I then went to locate the ScriptMaster log file at the path as specified under the instructions above and there no log files. The directory is empty. I am showing the log as presented under status when being in localhost (picture 3) Thanks! Daniel FMSPLUGIN_-_3_trying_to_enable_scriptmaster.MOV
  2. Hello Sean, I've followed the instructions and restarted fmserver via terminal. When opening localhost the ScriptMaster plugin was still disabled. Thanks for your help. 360Plugins_ServerScripting32.log 360Plugins_ServerScripting32.log.lck
  3. moved this topic under ScriptMaster360
  4. When opining the FMS localhost I try to enable the ScriptMaster Plugin. For some reason I click to enable the plugin, I sometime been able to click on save sometime.. However, each time I close the host reopen the FMS localhost, the plugin is ALWAYS disabled. Would someone have an idea? With regards! Daniel
  5. When opining the FMS localhost I try to enable the ScriptMaster Plugin. For some reason I click to enable the plugin, I sometime able to click on save sometime not able. However, each time I go back to the FMS localhost the plugin is ALWAYS disabled. Would someone have an idea? With regards! Daniel
  6. Thanks Comment. It’s now working, after doing what you’ve said I.e formatting the target field as interactive container. However, I had to remove the statement /Volumes/
  7. I am trying to insert into a container field the file path of a mp4 video as a reference. I am getting an error equal 3. I've followed some example and do not understand why I am getting this error. If I try to import the video file by going to the field and with the mouse do a right click I am able to import the video fiel as a reference. Unfortunately the script does not work. Thanks! inserVideoPath (as a reference).pdf
  8. Hello, I am starting to implement a solution within FileMaker Go. At the moment I do have video files which are showing in FileMaker Pro but not in FileMaker Go. When importing the video files I've selected "Store only a reference". The file itself reside on an external drive which has been connected through the Apple AFP protocol. When looking at the properties on the iPad it shows "moviemac:/directory name/filename.mp4". I would have thought the file should have been named "moviemac:/Volumes/directory name/filename.mp4". The iPad is connected through the ethernet (RJ45) directly to my own network. The computers (FileMaker Pro) and the iPad (FileMaker Go) are accessible from FileMaker Server. The FileMaker Go application "VideoFile" becomes available through the Host called "pzoomvideo-filemaker-server.local". Why going with FileMaker Go? I am selecting the FileMaker go because I am intending to use the complete set of functionality provided with AVPlayer. The VideoFile filemaker Go application is to be accessible about 300 to 500 feet away from the server. I am then using ethernet rather than wifi because of reliability and connectivity. Questions: - Why those external video file (MP4) do not show on the iPad when the application is open? How do I make video file stored on an external drive to show in FIleMaker Go? - Why does it take so long for the apps stored on the Host network to show and to become available? Thanks in advance!
  9. I need and advise. I am about to create a program which is to be executed in the background. I was thinking in getting it to process with "Perform script server". The program is to scan a folder and when a mpeg file is found it would convert it to mp4 format, the app would be called "CMpegToMp4". My question, is would it be possible to execute "CMpegToMp4 within FileMaker Pro through "Perform script server"? Thanks in advance! Daniel
  10. Thanks Comment, That is sad! Is there a way in FileMaker Pro to play video files located on a dedicated file server? Either by starting VLC or Quicktime? I am browsing through the web and cannot find information on this. Everything I found today is about container field. Could the Container field contain the address where the file is located. Something like "Volumes/Data/MP4videofile/mhd01001.mp4", not the video file. With regards!
  11. Hello, I am looking for examples to get AVPLayer working within filemaker pro. All my video files are remotely stored. Those video files will never be stored within a container. I do have too many video files and they are way too big to be uploaded in filemaker. I found FileMaker Pro now have AVPlayer and using a url is an option. I thought that would be very easy and this is not the case. I am getting an error 3. I am looking for documentations and examples. Does any have a suggestion ? Many thanks! With regards! AVPlayer.pdf
  12. What do people use to create a XSL style sheet which can be used by filemaker pro? When performing the xml import/export I do not have access to the internet. It looks like I would need smoking of xml editor to create XSL style sheet. Am I correct? I only need to create this XSL style sheet once? is there some-kind of free xml editor which can be used to create XSL style sheet. Thanks!
  13. I have been going through the web to look for examples and I have not been successful. Even when looking in Lynda.com. Over the years, I have been using plist files and now wants to change to xml. I am looking for example on how to export and import data in xml format with filmakers pro . Does anyone have an idea where I could find some information? The idea is to create a script which would import a xml file located on a SDHC card. A script is being used to format SDHC cards and at the same time the NX5UCarteNo field will be updated to identify the card with a number from 01 to 10. The information is the being exported as an XML file onto the SDHC card. The next time the SDHC card is mounted the script would then import it's content in the NX5U table. The xml file is to identify which SDHC card is being mounted. This would be done with the information saved under the NX5UCarteNo field. Thanks for your help! With regards! Daniel
  14. Excellent, I am now able to perform processes based on the user selection. The first choice to the user is "All of those process down below: " By making this choice I would like the application to show all other actions has being selected. I thought entering all actions in a calculated field would do it. Unfortunately, it did not. Is this possible to do? Would it be possible to provide me with a short example. Best regards! TriggerTraitementPourPublication.pdf
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