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  1. I am very pleased in all of the answers, I have been getting so far. This has been helping me moving quite far. The application I've been using, modifying, improving has been constructed using in it's entirety filemaker pro. I've started using filemaker pro v10, then moved to v12 and then v16. Moving files from a internal drives, SD cards, NAS mounted volumes has been accomplished using scriptmaster 360work plugins. Since, it has been for more than 7 years that I've been using scriptmastrer and it has been robust since then. I am now getting more video files to manage
  2. Thanks for your quick reply! My NAS volumes are being mounted each time the computer is being re-started. I do not have to log onto any account, via auto_master and auto_smb NAS volumes are being mounted and can be used by filemaker server. I intend to use scriptmaster functiona to copy files via Perform Script on Server (PSoS).
  3. I want to login onto my mac mini as fmserver. In order to do this I went and tried to create an account called fmserver. I've got the following error message "Name is used by another user" I've managed to mount my NAS in the backend. To access the NAS mounted volumes I need to log as fmserver. Does anyone has an idea of what are my options? Thanks!
  4. I have been using ScriptMaster for quite a long time. It always been on the client side, I now want to use it on the FileMaker Server through PSoS. For a reason I cannot explain the plugin cannot register and I do not know why. - Testing FMServer : script being executed from FileMaker Pro FileMaker Pro Advance - psos - TestingFMServer : script being called from Testing FMServer. Succesful testing done to ensure at the moment the script is being called it's now in the server. Does anyone have any idea why the plugin registration does not work? With regards1
  5. I've looked at the privileges and it's all rwe. When a script is executed from a PSoP I was expecting to have the Filemaker Account Name equal to fmserver or fmsadmin. It's not, it's equal to the script name "TestingFMServer" followed by "Daniel Paquin" followed by a number which increase each time the script is being executed. I do not understand why. The PSoP script seems to be working fine when looking at the report. However, the return message indicates that the "abcD.mov" file does not exist when it does. Many thanks! TestingFMServer.pdf
  6. Should I create an account “fmsadmin” on the MacMini where FMserver has been installed. Then from there I would need to ensure using the chmod command the correct privileges are set on the NAS, SD card or any folders the scriptmaster functionS would be executed. Does that make sense? Thanks.
  7. The SD card is indeed inserted on the server, not the client. I am using a SD card as an example to demonstrate myself I would be able to use scriptmaster functions in PSoP. In reality, everything as mentioned in the previous post will be done through a NAS (Synology). Both the server and the NAS are to be located in an area with limited access. I've started in going with a SD card since access requires /Volumes/.. which is the same requirement for accessing files on a NAS. I am doing those experiment to make sure I can get things going. When scriptmaster functions in PSoP
  8. This script is being executed when the user has certified a file can be delivered to a customer. At the moment, I am only trying to get a Perform Script On Server (PSoS) to execute the "CheckWetherFileExist" scriptmaster function. In my process there are operations which are time consuming when being performed on the FM client. Since, I do not have to wait for the process to complete I want to use PSoS on FM Server. One of my main process is copying selected files from a NAS to a WebDav structure. For example : Copy input: "/Volumes/Data/ZVinformatique/videofile.mp4
  9. I am planning to start using "Perform Script On Server" and I wrote a very simple script. The file being verified is on a SD card named NX5U. The script always return that the "/Volumes/NX5U/abcD.mov is not mounted" and it's not the case. Would someone know why? Thanks! TestingFMServer.pdf
  10. Hello Sean, "Please install the current store build of ScriptMaster..." What did I do ? Remove current build from filemaker extension (picture 1); Remove log files from filemaker server directory (picture 2); Open localhost to ensure the build was not shown under the plugin tab; Restarted computer; Executed "fmsadmin restart adminserver -y" (picture 1); Downloaded a new build from 360Work web site; Copied the new build onto the extension directory; Open localhost to enable the copied build. Went to Plugins tab to enable it. Each
  11. Hello Sean, I've followed the instructions and restarted fmserver via terminal. When opening localhost the ScriptMaster plugin was still disabled. Thanks for your help. 360Plugins_ServerScripting32.log 360Plugins_ServerScripting32.log.lck
  12. When opining the FMS localhost I try to enable the ScriptMaster Plugin. For some reason I click to enable the plugin, I sometime been able to click on save sometime.. However, each time I close the host reopen the FMS localhost, the plugin is ALWAYS disabled. Would someone have an idea? With regards! Daniel
  13. When opining the FMS localhost I try to enable the ScriptMaster Plugin. For some reason I click to enable the plugin, I sometime able to click on save sometime not able. However, each time I go back to the FMS localhost the plugin is ALWAYS disabled. Would someone have an idea? With regards! Daniel
  14. Thanks Comment. It’s now working, after doing what you’ve said I.e formatting the target field as interactive container. However, I had to remove the statement /Volumes/
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