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  1. What would it cost to have someone make me a database using filemaker go on a single ipad for managing a lost and found inventory? What I would like it to do ... 1. log into the database each item being put in and by whom 2. take a picture of each item 3. print a sticker to affix to each item with a barcode so it can be referenced for disposal or pickup by owner 4. have email reminders for auditing on specific items that can perhaps only be stored for X hours before being destroyed (credit cards and such) 5. generate a weekly and monthly report for al
  2. Thank you very much ! Saved me a lot of grief ! Brian
  3. I would like to make my report have a drop down menu that will select records from Today Last week Last month 6 month to today 1 year to today last year I am completely unsure how to do this. I am assuming there must be a script needed. In my database the dates are for when the invoice was charged/billed. No other dates to speak of. Would someone mind walking me through this please ? I know how to make buttons, and get them to run a script. But I don't know where to begin with the script to make the desired output / result Thanks...
  4. I am relatively new to filemaker, I have been working on a database and its coming nicely. All my layouts are looking good except 1. When i view it in form view all the fields and containers stretch out to the length and width of window. None of the other layouts do their, if i grab the right edge and drag it to the left on the other layouts it just cuts across the fields. But on this one it stretches and shrinks based on window size and shape. I am sure i must have done something, but i cannot figure out what. it all lines up... any help you may be able to offer
  5. Good day everyone, I am new to FileMaker. I am in the process of making or trying to make a database that will allow me to enter paid invoices for a company. It would have supplier info, product info, dept purchased for info and the ability to key the paid invoice as an invoice. That is the part I'm stuck on. I think I need to create a portal on my invoice table, and I was thinking to have it pull data from the products table and then add qtys and subtotals. However it doesn't seem to work that way. I am now thinking after reviewing the solution starter on invoices that I need an additi
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