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  1. An "opener file" what's that ? Sorry is that dim. Would it help me ? http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/84963-help-cant-open-my-file/
  2. First off everyone thanks so much for your informed responses. In answer to Brian - I have heard of Resource Forks and relise that they're not just cutlery but that's about all I know. I have passed your answer onto the guys who have been charged with rescuing my data and hopefully they can try your scheme. Hi Vaughan - you believe the lack of resource fork would not cause this problem and mention FMi Who or what is FMI and how do I find out about their service ? Thanks again everyone - it's nice to know that when you're drowning out here in the IT sea there are people prepared to throw you lifebelts. :laugh2:
  3. About three years ago I sat down and read enough of the FM instructions to build myself an invoicing database. It has worked really well and I have been delighted with it - and felt very proud. It's quite simple but did what I needed. It was stored on a LaCie Network drive in "Safe Mode" ie RAID 1 (duplicated data on two discs) Two weeks ago the raid drive failed. The discs were OK but I just could not access the data. I took the drive to my local guys and they took my data off the disc using a program called "Windows Universal Filesystem Explorer" This program saw all my data and could extract it apparently and I have been sent the all important Filemaker files. They look correct but when I go to open them I get an error message stating "... was not created by Filemaker or is severely damaged and cannot be opened" I have tried Recover but that doesn't work either - same error message. Any ideas anyone Sure the info is in there somewhere I think I am now too old and slow to re-build my database from the ground up again.
  4. Thanks to Everyone - that indeed does seem to do the trick. (http://help.filemake...etail/a_id/9912) My wife sends her thanks too :yep:
  5. Oh by the way I did try to do the workaround listed in http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9912 but as we are working from FM 9 those options do not seem to be offered to me. (Unless anyone knows differently)
  6. OK guys that does seem to work ! Downloaded the trial version of Filemaker 11 onto my wife's computer (Running Mac OS10.7) and the funny little Kanji characters disappeared. But, and it's a big BUT, it will cost me £155 GBP to upgrade from FM9 to FM11 !! That's a lot of money to just fix some odd characters appearing on our invoices !? Is there not a simple workaround ?
  7. Crikey you guys have been busy while I've been away. Will have to go through the responses and get back to you . Thanks to everyone for the help.
  8. Hi everyone and excuse me please if I seem ignorant of the inner workings of Filemaker. I stuck together my database a couple of years ago when my brain was younger, fresher and it took me the best part of 2 months !! We use it for writing invoices and creating quotations for my wife's business. It has worked absolutely brilliantly and I think FM is a wonderful bit of software. However I have just upgraded my wife's computer to Mac operating system OS10.7 (Lion) and suddenly a strange thing seems to be happening. This only happens on her computer and not on mine running OS10.6.8. When she uses one of the little drop down calendars to insert a date it begins fine but when the date appears on the page the year appears is in Japanese/Chinese Kanji characters. (I have attached an image of the characters) I have, of course, checked the language prefs etc in her computer and that all seems ok. Anyone else had this problem or know of a solution ?
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