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  1. Hi, every one, I install Filemaker Server 12 on windows server 2008 r2 service pack 1, when my client connect to database from remote, after 1 minute disconnect from database. Can tell my why this happend? Thank you.
  2. Hi, Thank you for answer, But I can't find answer. I need a script for my problem and I want someone look to my script and correct that. Thank you Hi, thank for answer, But I can't find my answer. I need someone look to my script at correct it or send me some suggest. Thank you very much. TestReceive.zip
  3. Hi, I design a database for purchase product.My problem is: I want when receive a product, click on receive field and open receive layout (related with purchase and product), and I can enter date of receive and qty of product, and balance between qty purchase and qty of revceive product. Please look to my database and help me. TestReceive.zip
  4. Hi, I design a database for product-transaction, My problem is: I want when click in receive filed , then open transaction layout and enter qty of receive product. This maybe happend many times until receive product balance with qty purchace. In secodn time when go to layout transaction I want see my past record for this special (purchase and product according my design if it correct.) Please see my sample database and help me for this. Thank you. Transaction.zip
  5. I send my question here for long time, no answer. But on that site, very soon answer to my question. OrderInvoice.fmp12.zip
  6. Hi, I think developer in https://fmdev.filemaker.com/ are very active than this forum.
  7. Hi, every one. I have a problem with stock transfer. I have a product table, order table , and stock transfer table , this table related with PK to each other. My Problem: I want, when create a order, when a product out of stock (in stock transfer layout according order number), I can see this change in order table, for example color of this product change to red or status of this product say SEND. thank you for help me.
  8. Hi, I have a problem with auto code for product in subcategory. Please see my attach database, My problem is:for first of record in each category , can't take a code and code start of second record. how I can do this? I want product take auto code according category code and unit of record in category. TestHosting.zip
  9. I do not use it for product key, this is only a sign for this product. .. let I write another question, in a category table, in a special record like "board" i want to know how much related record are in this table? If a board have 8 related record, then when i add new record, then show 9 for that.
  10. Thank you, But this is not my answer. Let, I write again mu question, I want a code design automatic for product according with group,mark, If i have a 20A MCB with ABB Brand, Then in product table, this product have code:1 for MCB,1 for first record in table and I see 11 20A ABB and for 20A MCB Schneider , I have 12 20A Schneider then for 1A MCCB ABB , I have 21 1A ABB If this problem is clear, Please help me
  11. thank you, Only one person can enter product in product table.
  12. Hi, every one. I have a problem, for Product's code. I want give code to product according product's category. I mean, I have : category table(catID,CategoryName) in this table have some record (Board,CT,Cable,..) Product Table(ProID,catID,ProductName) in this table some record and link two table (category::catID - Product::catID) I want give to this product a code like this: if in category table (Board's ID=1) then in product table, productID=11 and for second product in this table product'ID = 12 and go... and
  13. Hi, But I think incorrect in v12. I think Filemaker v12 have very problem, and that not useful for this time.
  14. If you move my problem to this topic, why nobody know about my problem?
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