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  1. I get this error message as well. Probably this is just a result of the other error.
  2. Caleb, Thanks for your reply. I had the ScriptMaster installed, but uninstalled it. The issue remains the same. I tried on several other Macs as well with the same result.
  3. I compiled a plugin for both Win and Mac using the latest version of the ScriptMaster plugin (4.42). The plugin generates barcodes using the barcode4j library (jar file). On Windows, the 32-bit and 64-bits versions work fine. In Scriptmaster, on Mac, I can run scripts using the code, and register the function. The functions work perfectly. On Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11 in FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 the compiled plugin works only every 2nd time when I uncheck and check the plugin again in FileMaker > Preferences... > Plugins, Enabled plug-ins. When the plugin does not work (ERROR is re
  4. Frankly, I am with Steven and Wim here. Some people decide to leave the community, for whatever reasons the might have, personal or business-wise. This is natural and it happens everywhere. I find it strange to see so many people on so many forums these days criticising FMI, almost desperately, where they base their business primarily on the FileMaker platform. But on the other hand, I think these are signs that we do not live in the world where FileMaker saw the light. Technology is changing, developers ask more transparency and FMI should take some of the concerns seriously. But still, I st
  5. It looks like FMI could have done a better job coding relative links '/fmi/webd#<database>' behind the WEBD buttons on the group pages, rather than using the local IP address which of course only works from within the LAN.
  6. Greg, just an idea, but maybe the MIME headers are different in both cases - test and actual - and the Exchange server or a firewall in between rejects mail for that. I know of cases where firewalls refused mail send from a FileMaker client using SMTP, because the 'Message-ID' header was not properly formed by FileMaker (I don't know if this issue has been resolved yet by FMI in FM13). I don't know if the IT department would be able to show logs of the mails. If not you could consider to install a network packet analyzer like WireShark to capture the data sent from the FileMaker Server Adm
  7. Wim, Yes, the records are there, it is just that clients don't get updates of these records. They are not entering data in Find Mode and they all work in the same file. I stood behind We have checked the Windows event logs but do not find anything of suspect. I also did a Recovery to check for corruption, and there was a corrupted index in another table. But I don't see how file corruption could raise the issue that we are experiencing. Another point of concern seems to me congestion of network traffic, which could lead to FileMaker Server outbound data not being able to reach
  8. David, thanks for your reply. I call it on the target client, if you mean the client that is not viewing the most up-to-date data....
  9. Greg, No not really, either it fails or it works. I would definitely go contact the IT/System administrator and check the Exchange logs. Maybe your FMS needs to be authozized to use Exchange as a relay server. Jeroen
  10. I have an issue at one of our customers, where clients are not seeing updates in records from each other. Updates from committed records are not pushed to the client, and/or local cache is not refreshed. Even a script with Commit Record, Refresh Window [Flush cached join results] and a Flush Cach to Disk script steps does not update the data, This is particulary annoying as the application has a realtime planning module. The issue appears at some intervals, and only restarting the client often resolves the issue for a while, but then again there is a risk that the issue reappears. Restar
  11. Larry Goldman provided great instructions in this thread. If you cannot get FileMaker's Apache configuration to work, chances are that the default Apache configuration or Server's configuration has prevented FileMaker's Apache configuration to start (even if you configure the Server .conf file to listen to ports other than 80 and 443, an update of the Server application may override your settings. However, you can start FileMaker's Apache configuration by stopping the Server's or the default instance using some commands in Terminal. To stop another instance of Apache, use the apachectl
  12. Lauren, I would recommend that you run the Deployment Wizard again from the Server menu in the upper right corner in the FileMaker Server Admin console. Click Server > Edit Deployment... Enable Web Publishing and choose to install the PHP engine Did you have install own PHP version previously on the machine. FileMaker Server 13 supports PHP 5.3 (OS X 10.8) and PHP 5.4 (OX X 10.9)
  13. Frank, There is no such thing as an iFrame natively in FileMaker. If you are using FileMaker Server, you could either set up a queue table and let FileMaker Server send mails via SMTP and a server-side script, or you could use the new FileMaker 13 Perform Script On Server script steps. With the latter, you could asynchronously perform scripts on the server
  14. I installed MirrorSync. When I try to log in, I get an error complaining about not being able to read the login properties file, as the folder /Users/Shared not existing (although it does exist). I gave reade & write permissions to everyone on that folder, removed and installed MirrorSync several times, restarted the WPE and Apache, and the whole machine, but it always returns this error when I try to log in. Am I missing somethin obvious? System: Mac OS X 10.6.8, FMSA12 May 30, 2012 11:20:15 PM sun.rmi.server.UnicastServerRef logCallException FINE: RMI TCP Connectio
  15. Barcodes work great this way. However, I wonder, as we often need to generate several hundreds of barcodes at once, if it is possible to prevent the screen from flickering on Windows. It seems to be application bound, as moving the window off-sreen, and inserting a 'Freeze Window' script step doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions are appreciated! EDIT: I found the solution myself. Unchecking the 'Gui' option when registering the module does the trick.
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