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  1. I have a value list of vendors based on a field. I have one particular vendor that I want to always be at the top and the rest sorted in alphabetical order. Is there a way to do this?
  2. I have a script that mimics a GTRR. The button is located in a portal row. Basically, the script sets a variable to the record ID for the portal row, then navigates to an unrelated TO, finds the desired record, then shows all. Except that it doesn't work on all the portal rows. On some rows, the show all step doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Cool trick. I can now add List() to my arsenal. A couple of quick follow up questions. It looks like Char (9) is the unicode equivalent of the tab key? Because the job titles all have different character lengths, nothing was aligning in a readable way. So, I made one set of calc fields for the job title, and one set for the full name. That helped me to quickly sort out the alignment problem. Just out of sheer curiosity, is there a more elegant solution to that problem? Thanks for all your help. I bow to the master. :ninja:
  4. In LINES_CREW I have the following: kf_crewID kf_jobsID jobTitle
  5. Sorry. Having trouble wrapping my head around this. How would a calculation like that work?
  6. Ok. So, with the two equipment lines tables merged, how would I go about getting the crew data to the print layout?
  7. *sigh* So you did indeed. That's what I get for not listening. In the earlier thread, my question had been about the gear only, rentals vs owned...Would you recommend merging the LINES_CREW table as well? So, I'd only have one Line Item table that covers all gear and crew?
  8. Hey, guys. I apologize in advance for this. I know its been covered before, I just can't seem to find a solution that works. Here's a quick rundown. My company books video production jobs. For these jobs, we provide equipment and crew. Some of the equipment is owned, some is rented. One job can have multiple rental items from multiple vendors. Equipment has a category (ie: camera, lighting, audio, etc.) Crew members have a job title assigned (eg: director, cinematographer, Sound) I'm having trouble figuring out how to print all of this information. My table structure goes lik
  9. I have a portal or video equipment that I am filtering by category (eg: Camera, Audio, Lighting, etc) using a drop down menu. In the value list I am using for the filtering, I have added "All". Is there a way to create the calculation to not filter the portal when All is selected?
  10. Hey, guys. Just a quick question for clarification. I have a script that involves a lot of IF statements. I want to make a sub-script that I can call via Perform Script, so I don't have to have a 1000 line script. If I set variables in the main script that I want to use in the sub-script, do I need to set those to global variables?
  11. I'm sorry. I think I misunderstood what you meant. I was not referring to line item attributes but to equipment attributes. I do not need to track serials in line items. As per rentals, yes, I need to track the vendor of this item for this job. Ok. I think something clicked when I read this. I was over-complicating the issue, and approaching the problem from the wrong angle. Forget Jobs and Line Items. What I really wanted was to keep the management of our gear separate from rental gear. I was thinking in terms of tables and relationships, which complicated everything. No
  12. Sure. The differences are few. For our own equipment, we need to keep track of serial numbers (manufactuer serial, not FMP serials), repairs, and quantity. When added to a Job, a script is run checking for booking date conflicts. For Rentals, I need to keep track of vendors from whom we can rent this equipment (there are multiple vendors offerring the same item), from whom we rented for a specific job, and rental prices for each vendor (this price can change from job to job, depending on the job's budget and the vendor's mood). Booking conflicts do not occur with rental items and we d
  13. Hey, guys. Fairly noobish here. I'm making a DB for the video production company I work for and I'm having some trouble figuring out the best implementation for a particular set of relationships. So, we are hired to do a JOB. For that job, we provide EQUIPMENT. Some of this equipment we own, and some of it we RENT from VENDORS. A job almost always has both owned and rented equipment, and we often rent equipment from multiple vendors for the same job. On the JOBS layout, I have a portal that should show ALL EQUIPMENT assigned to that particular job, regardless of whether its ren
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