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  1. If you set auto-lock to "never" and make sure not to close the cover of fold the cover behind the ipad, it should stay connected.
  2. 1. Make sure the ipad setting for auto-lock is NEVER. 2. Make sure not to close the ipad cover OR fold it back behind the device. The magnets in the cover may activate the sleep sensor inside the ipad which will override the auto-lock setting. Let me know if it doesn't work and you can run some ping tests to get into more details. Cheers.
  3. You could connect to the MySql database the website accesses using an ODBC driver. You can do this with just the client version of FileMaker Pro, I believe. And you could create a script which changes the information showing on the website automatically by running the script. But I don't think you can schedule the script to run unless you are using Filemaker server. But other than manually running the script, I think the rest can be automated.
  4. Is the field accessing the correct table occurrence? If you have multiple table occurrences of the same table, depending on your relationships, the information may disappear if the field accesses the wrong table occurrence.
  5. This is close to what you would do but not quite: Each theme in Wordpress has a bunch of php pages and other content that make up the theme. After you've chosen your wordpress theme, what you would do is create one or more custom php pages which includes your FX php and form code, along with any wordpress built-in functions you may choose to include. What you are actually doing is EXPANDING on the existing them, whereby these new custom pages will be accessable within wordpress. Once you've uploaded them, you can see your php pages, which Wordpress calls "templates" within the wordpress da
  6. I don't see why there would be a problem integrating Wordpress with your php driven pages. Wordpress is written in php and you can fully customize it. You can integrate it with FMP custom web publishing. Within wordpress you can create custom "templates" whereby you can write whatever php scripting you wish to access your FM database or the MySQL database.
  7. Here is one way to do it: 1. Create two tables: DATA RESULT (name them whatever you like) 2. In the DATA table add two text fields "year" and "APR" 3..In the RESULT table add one text field "year" 4. Create relationship linking up both "year" fields in the two tables. (=) 5. Add records in the APR table adding a year in the year field with the appropriate APR in the APR field. For example: year: 2011 APR: 11% 6. Create layout based on the RESULT table. 7. Add first of two fields to this layout: RESULT::year (this is where you enter the year.) 8. Add second of t
  8. If you are accessing layouts with lots of fields on them in your php or FM scripts, it will slow it down. Creating special layouts with ONLY the necessary fields for a script to work will speed things up.
  9. If I'm understanding your problem correctly, shouldn't the fields from within the portal be from the DayClassJoin table?
  10. I usually do it this way: IF (this privilege set) change company info, else custom dialogue: "Sorry, you don't have permission to do that."
  11. I think you can achieve what you want using any of the three options. You can fully control what the user sees by just making layouts only showing what you want them to see. I prefer developing custom web publishing sites (Filemaker/php) myself because I believe it will create the best experience for the user. I tested WebDirect vs. Filemaker PHP with one of my clients and the latter was much faster. Both IWP and WebDirect are shortcuts to bypass web technologies and save on development costs but the cost is a hit on performance. But if we're talking about one simple form getting
  12. ctrl shift V works for me on windows 7 to paste without text in filemaker 12. cmd shift V for mac, then?
  13. gpicard1


    Try making the relationship field in the table (not the one with the portal in it) a global variable. I mean global field, not variable.
  14. Hello, If you're behind in your workload, I can help. I'm a developer from St. Paul, MN USA. I have 2 years of Filemaker experience and 15 years of web development experience. Besides Filemaker, I'm literate in many web programming languages: php, html, css, flash, etc. My rate is $25 per hour. I guarantee my work. If not satisfied, it's free. Email me before I'm booked! Regards, Guy Picard guypicard123@yahoo.com p.s. resume / portfolio upon request.
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