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  1. Conclusion on this issue. I wasn't sure how to set it up so that the look up worked with so many contractors but really only two price lists. I used a number with an auto-calc that basically uses a CASE statement to find the right pricing. It doesn't change when I pick a new contractor, but I realized that we almost never do that anyway. With using a portal to add line items, we can't just copy a record anyway. The whole reason I wanted this was so that I could copy an existing quote and then just change the contractor.
  2. I've got it set up now so that it works because I made the item costs a calculation (to determine who the contractor is so it pulls the correct pricing) instead of a number with an auto-calculated result. Now it automatically changes the price of the line items based off of the contractor, but I obviously can't modify the costs because it is showing a calculated result. Unfortunately our pricing structure isn't set in stone and we do adjust on individual quotes. I know I could set up a script that would replace the result of the Item Cost (number) with the Item Cost (calculation), but I don
  3. Nevermind. Now when I change the contractor it doesn't do anything so I am back to where I started, but at least I'm not using repeated fields. To recap, I'm now using portals to add line items to my quoting system. Now is there some script I could run upon exiting CONTRACTOR that will reevaluate the line items?
  4. I am using an auto enter serial number for the proposal numbers and the line items. Contractor is a text field. Also, it doesn't delete the records, it simply doesn't show them because the contractor for that certain proposal number then doesn't much where I've created that line item. If I change the contractor back it shows the old line items. I'm thinking I made a connection I didn't need as I type this out. If I get rid of the contractor in the line items, it won't matter what the contractor is...
  5. You all probably couldn't care less, but with your help I was able to successfully do this early today. I had to start from scratch to get rid of fields with repetition, but I am up and running. Thanks so much for the help.
  6. I got that to work so that I am using a portal to add line items instead of fields with repetition. The thing now is that if I change contractor it deletes the line items instead of just changing the costs. Any suggestions? I added contractor to the LineItems table and made a relationship between the Contractor in Invoices and LineItems add when I re-add the line items it does the adjusted costs.
  7. Yeah, that seems to be something I'm seeing a lot. I inherited this database and the creator apparently thought repeated fields were great. I learned Filemaker through trial and error by looking at his database. Could you get me started or point me to a way to not use them? Currently the database is set up with Labor Items (with 6 repetitions). You can click on it and it pulls values from another database called labor items. I'm starting from scratch and have created a new DB with different tables for Labor, Install, Inventory, and Quoting (instead of having everything set up in its own
  8. Hello Everyone, I'm new to scripts and am trying to do something which is probably simple, but I can't make work. My company uses FM to quote projects. I have created a separate database for pricing per contractor. In the quoting database , the user has to pick which contractor they are quoting. Then when the user picks a labor item, the price for that item is found using an auto-calculated result using an IF statement. This is how it is set up, I'm sure there is a better way but it works now if you pick the contractor before adding the labor items. QUOTE::Cash Labor=Lookup(PRICI
  9. Sorry, it was just that I was trying to just let Windows open it. Rookie mistake. Winzip did the trick. That file is exactly what I was looking for. Now all I need to do is understand it. Thanks for the help everyone.
  10. I don't see anything in that file. Your suggestion sounds like it would allow me to do what I'm asking, but I can't open the zip file.
  11. The dollar value of that slab. A-1, A-2, etc, those are slabs of stone. I need to bring the dollar value of the specific slab along so that I can get a sum of material cost for each project. And yes the tag is exclusive and each specific slab will only happen once. I should never again have an A-1 for example in inventory, but we do obviously get some repeated customer names like Smith and Jones.
  12. Hi All, I'm new to these forums so hopefully I'm posting this is the right spot. I'm fairly new to the more complex elements of Filemaker and have just started getting into Portals. I have two databases, one for Projects (quoting, invoicing) and one for inventory. Through portal filtering I've been able to pull up inventory based off of the type of material chosen in the PROJECT that matches the material in INVENTORY. Specifically, if I'm quoting Material "A", the portal only shows the available material "A" from inventory. Is there a way for me to go one step further and 'tag' the
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