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  1. ok i have a problem...I am trying to create a portal and i have done this many times woth out problems but now what is happening is the fields appear to be behind the portal and hance are not showing in browse mode. I have attached a file on my screen shots...I am really confused...i hva emade many portals and i have done nothing different this time round....why suddenly is this happening... I would really appreciate any help I am using filemake11 on a PC thanks in advance for any help or suggestions Tina filemaker help.pdf
  2. Hi All, I am wondering if there was any one avaiable to offer one on one coaching in Filemaker??? I live on the central coast NSW and am desperately trying to get my head around filemaker. I am building a database for my business and it needs to be complicated (i think) I am watching all the tutorials but sometimes i think i get it but then it does not work...I think if i could just have a day or so with someone telling me and showing me in my business how it works would be easier... I am willing to come to you and pay if need be...i am desperate as we need this up and running quickly... I am a quick learner but sometimes the tutorials dont cover exactly what I want and it can be difficult to relay the information into my circumstances. Oh I am more then happy to skype if no one lives close enough... Pleaase??? desperation talking... Tina
  3. ok I am sorry it appears being a newbie to this confuses not only myself but any one trying to help....ok lets see if i can explain what I have done and what I want to do more clearly....yes i did have 4 tables however i now have 3.. one table holds the information of our clients...for which i have a primary key...second table holds the informations pertaining to buildings managed by the clients in table 1 also has a primary key and a foriegn key for parent table.....3rd table holds information pertaining to the jobs we are doing at the building sites.. Now I have firstly created a layout to which add the client details...what my husband want me to be able to do is on this same layout (client details) retrieve the buildings not as a list of many but one record at a time. however when i did this....(and I have probably done this wrong) it would display one record however when i went into find mode (one this same layout) it would only retrieve the same record even though I had entered many different records and I am trying to find the buildings not the client but we are using the client layout... I am hoping that makes it a bit clearer... if not I am happy to send a file for someone to look at if that is easier...I am just very new at this and its hard sometimes to find the answer yourself when you dont know what to look for.... anyhelp is appreciated thank you in advance for your time. Tina :laugh2:
  4. yes i am sorry I was not sure where to post I am new to the forum environment....I am sorry if i have done the wrong thing..i just need some help..
  5. I am working with the tutorials and I have created 4 tables which i have linked with primary and foreign keys. We have a business that works with companies that manage multiple buildings. so each one client will have 100's of buildings I need to link. I have done this with a one-many relationship using a primary key for the company table and a foreign key in the building site table. I am creating a layout that displays both tables which i can get working to a certain degree...the main problem i have is I can only retrieve one record...i have gone into find mode typed in some details of other records i have entered but it still only retrieve the same record over and over again.... is there anyone that can tell me what i have done wrong? i am getting very frustrated i know it can be done as i used to work with a file maker database before and it could do it....i just dont know how to make it do it.. any help, advise would be appreciated. Tina
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