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  1. ok i have a problem...I am trying to create a portal and i have done this many times woth out problems but now what is happening is the fields appear to be behind the portal and hance are not showing in browse mode. I have attached a file on my screen shots...I am really confused...i hva emade many portals and i have done nothing different this time round....why suddenly is this happening... I would really appreciate any help I am using filemake11 on a PC thanks in advance for any help or suggestions Tina filemaker help.pdf
  2. Hi All, I am wondering if there was any one avaiable to offer one on one coaching in Filemaker??? I live on the central coast NSW and am desperately trying to get my head around filemaker. I am building a database for my business and it needs to be complicated (i think) I am watching all the tutorials but sometimes i think i get it but then it does not work...I think if i could just have a day or so with someone telling me and showing me in my business how it works would be easier... I am willing to come to you and pay if need be...i am desperate as we need this up and running quickly...
  3. ok I am sorry it appears being a newbie to this confuses not only myself but any one trying to help....ok lets see if i can explain what I have done and what I want to do more clearly....yes i did have 4 tables however i now have 3.. one table holds the information of our clients...for which i have a primary key...second table holds the informations pertaining to buildings managed by the clients in table 1 also has a primary key and a foriegn key for parent table.....3rd table holds information pertaining to the jobs we are doing at the building sites.. Now I have firstly created a layout
  4. yes i am sorry I was not sure where to post I am new to the forum environment....I am sorry if i have done the wrong thing..i just need some help..
  5. I am working with the tutorials and I have created 4 tables which i have linked with primary and foreign keys. We have a business that works with companies that manage multiple buildings. so each one client will have 100's of buildings I need to link. I have done this with a one-many relationship using a primary key for the company table and a foreign key in the building site table. I am creating a layout that displays both tables which i can get working to a certain degree...the main problem i have is I can only retrieve one record...i have gone into find mode typed in some details o
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