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  1. If a commit log times out the timeout value is not written to the log entry for the timeout. This is caused by the incorrect global variable name in the set field calculation for the EasyAudit::Note field In the "EasyAudit Commit - Server" script. You can find this step towards the end of STEP 1 section of "EasyAudit Commit - Server". To fix, change the step to the following (step in red, change in bold): # #If EA timed out waiting for changes to be committed to the database... If [ $e > $$ea_timeout_seconds ] #Log the timeout. New Record/Request Set Field By Name [ "EasyAud
  2. I'd like to add a few general thoughts to this thread. I'm working in Beta 2. 1. For the bulk operations (such as delete all, import and replace field contents) the framework takes the approach of looping through all records in the found set. This is simple and effective, but can have performance and logging implications. Performance-wise, if you have a fairly heavy layout or are accessing over WAN with a large found set then it could take ages to loop through all the records and build the list of uuids. Obviously we can try to avoid heavy layouts, but they are fairly common. And WAN a
  3. I've been working with the beta this weekend and really liking it. Logging record views is particularly good to see as I've always wanted to be able to provide stats for this sort of thing to managers, so they can see how their users behave. I've made a couple of changes to the version I have in my current solution and thought I'd post them here in case anyone else was after the same functionality. I've tried to stay true to the coding style in the framework and implemented the changes via the settings script and existing scripts. These work for me but I've not tested extensively so pr
  4. I've been doing some work with the GetThumbnail function in FileMaker recently and I've found that GetThumbnail often creates files larger than the original, even though their pixel dimensions and dpi are lower. For Example, My original file has the following spec: 300dpi 1000 x 1000 pixels 76,490 bytes Using GetThumbnail ( Image; 750; 750 ) gives me an image that is 72dpi 750 x 750 pixels 85,579 bytes So, a file that is a little over half the pixel area and less than a third of the dpi is over 10% larger than the original file. That's not very good, is it? Anyone care to sug
  5. I agree that any additional measures a developer takes are unlikely to increase the security of a file. I don't think any serious developer adds security features with this expectation. They are usually added because the FileMaker security model is not suited to all client requirements. Take the Role-Based-Access-Control model (RBAC), for example, which has grown in popularity in the last few years. It isn't possible to implement RBAC using the default FileMaker Pro security features because users can only be assigned a single privilege set, which torpedoes the inheritance concept that RBAC re
  6. An update to this: The bug seems to be connected to the IN clause. I recently replaced an equals with an IN and the results from the sub-query appeared in the result set again. Shame =ANY doesn't work in FileMaker for a comparison. I really should get this one reported.
  7. Can you post the exact URL? It's hard to tell what's going on with just the abridged version. For one thing, I cannot see from what you posted that the app has returned result=APPROVED Thanks, Alec
  8. OK, to recreate, try this. Create two tables Parent (pk_parent, other_fields) and Child (fk_parent, other_fields) Link Child to parent via pk_parent and fk_parent and allow creation in the parent table Don't check "Delete this record when record is deleted in the other table" Go to the layout based on the child table and add some fields from the parent table. Create a new record in the child table and fill in the parent table fields to force the creation of a new parent Go to the layout based on the parent table and try to delete the parent record. Ideally do this with the script debugg
  9. I've found an undocumented RecordOpenState (see attachement). The state is 3 and as far as I can tell it means "Record that you just deleted but is still showing on the layout because an OnRecordCommit trigger is stopping it from committing". Â I post it for information and to see if anyone else has ever seen it. There seem to be some specific conditions required to make it happen as I can only make it happen on records created via a certain relationship at the moment. I'll report back if I can find out enough info to report it as a bug.
  10. Update: This has now been acknowledged as a bug by FileMaker tech support: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/15d66c2223
  11. I think I've found a bug related to setting fields in related records using scripts. If, in an open record (i.e. Get ( RecordOpenState ) = 1 or 2), an attempt is made to set a field from a related table in a portal by a script set to run with full access privileges when the logged in user is NOT assigned the [Full Access] privilege set, the changes are not shown in the field until the record is committed. Notes: A refresh window (flush cached join results) script step does not help The field can be directly on the layout or in the portal I'm using a data-entry pattern based on the ideas in
  12. Just done the same test with a MySQL database and the UNION keyword performs as expected, so this does seem to be a FileMaker-specific issue.
  13. Many thanks for the suggestion Wim. I did try some parenthesis experiments but they didn't seem to alter the result. I think the next step is to recreate this using a MySQL database to make sure I'm not just misusing the UNION keyword. I'll report back once I've given it a go.
  14. I have found what appears to be a bug within FQL when using the union clause with subqueries. The query below gives the expected result SELECT d_OrganisationName FROM ORGANISATION WHERE a__kp_t_ORGANISATION NOT IN ( SELECT a_kf_t_Organisation FROM ORGANISATION_CONTACT_LINK WHERE a_kf_t_Contact = '" & CONTACT::a__kp_t_CONTACT & "' ) which is a list all organisations that the contact isn't currently linked to However, I also want to combine this result with another result, for example some default organisation: SELECT d_OrganisationName FROM ORGANISATION WHE
  15. I've been trying this process out and it seems to work well for short variables. However, for very long variables (in my case the contents of a 2000 line batch file), performance is very slow, taking a good few minutes for the variable passed to be made available to the script. For now I'll put the file contents into a field earlier in the process, but if anyone knows of an efficient way of passing long variables between scripts without having to go via a field, I'd be interested to hear it. Alec
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