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  1. Hello all! I have a database with a number of fields. I have designed a print layout and I used merged fields. Here's an example: Title1<<field1>>, Author: <<field2>> <<field3>>, is happy with <<field4>>... and so on. Which is great, I can format the fields as I like, I don't care if a field contains 3 words or 3 paragraphs, because everything is so flexible. But there are times that a field like field2 is empty. Then the output becomes Jason makes a new friend Author: Jason, is happy with his new friend... Yeah, I know, stupid example, but you see where I am going... If field 2 is blanc, then the print output turns out a bit strange. Is there any way to tell the db that **if <<field2>> is blanc then don't display it**? Could I write something like <<Author: field2>> so that I make everything disappear if the specific field is empty? And another question. Can I use a background colour for my merge fields that covers all the width? I want it to be dynamic, so if I have only a couple of words, the background will be one line, but if I have two lines of content, then the background for the specific field will automatically become two lines. Just as the example in the attached image. I don't want to "highlight" the content, I want to use a background... I am not sure if any of the above is possible. However thank you for reading this and for your help!
  2. First of all, thank you for your help. But I am really a newbie, so could you please guide me in creating the relationship? Or give me a link of a similar tutorial?
  3. My problem is that not all codes are "previous +25" (arithmetic progression). So A=100, B=125 but C=278 or D=349... I want to give to every value from the codes list a specific, unique value.
  4. No, the values will always be the same. A will be always 100, B always 125 etc...
  5. Hello all! I have a drop-down list with numbers (1,2,3,4,5) and another one with numbers, but could be anything else, letters, codes etc. What I want is to create a field where a result will appear when someone selects one value from one field and another from the second field. Let me give you an example Let's name the first field "numbers" and the second "codes". What I want is to write a script, where numbers=1, codes=A, result=100 numbers=1, codes=B, result=125 numbers=3, codes=B, result=375 or the values from the code field will equal something like A=100, B=125, C=150 ... W=737 etc Is it possible and if so, how? Thank you very much!
  6. Hello all! I created my first database and then I created a runtime solution, in order to share my work with people that don't own filemaker. So far, so good and I admit that I am in love with filemaker! My only problem is that, when the .exe file opens, the user sees a big window in the back (and of course the small window with my program in the front). I created a "open" script hiding all the menus, (as the only thing that my user needs is to use the buttons) but how can I remove the "back" window? I want my user to see only the application! I have "painted" red the window that I want to get rid of, in order to help you understand what I want to do... P.S. If I cannot hide the "red" window, is there a way to decide for a custom size, while saying to my application (the powers_b12-8-2 window) to auto-maximize? This way I whould have only one window, which whould be fine! Thank you very much!
  7. Thank you LaRetta, I am very happy to find this forum! Let's say that my user has found 12 results with Medium size T-shirts. He is in browse mode, so he sees only one record at a time. I have a drop-down menu (let's call it "color_list") with 2 options. Red and Green. In order to change every single color of these 12 t-shirts, he has to go over the color_list, select "Red", then go to the next record, select "Red" and so on. What if there was a button, let's call it "colorize_red" that when the user clicks on it, every entry in the color_list menu replaces whichever value it has (red, green...) with "Red"? Then he could search for "short-sleeves", find these 8 records that match the criteria and then click on "colorize_green", in order to change whatever value there is in the color_list with the value "Green"... Or he could just see all 20 records, click on "colorize_red" and change everything to "Red". So, what am I looking for, is a method to replace a value in a specific drop-down list, on any records the user is browsing... Either a part of the records, or even all of them! Thank you!
  8. You are right, let me rephrase. Lets say that the database has 20 records and a client uses the find mode to find the records that match his criteria. After searching, he can only see a small amount of records, lets say 12. And then he wants to make a change to those specific 12 records that match his criteria. There is this drop-down list with values like "optionA" and "optionB" and I want by pressing a button to automatically replace everything with "optionB". So if he searches in the database for any Medium size t-shirts, and the result is 12 different designs, to be able by pressing a button to replace the colour of all the medium size t-shirts, with red, by pressing the "paint it red" button, or "paint it green" etc., where red and green are two options from a drop-down list! Hope this helps, I apologise for my english...
  9. Hello! I have designed a database with a field which is a drop-down menu with only two options, lets say "optionA" and "optionB". What I want to do is, when someone is in find mode, and sees only x records out of y, to be able, by pressing a button to change all "optionA" values to "optionB". What's the code for this button? Thank you in advance!
  10. I did all that you mentioned (thank you very very much!!!) but when I create a new record, fields images[1], images[2] and images[3] remain blanc. The same for the field "result". What did I do wrong? (Where "result" is the calculation field)
  11. Hi to all, I am pretty new in creating databases, so I ask for your patience. English is not my native language, so I may do few mistakes. I ask for your patience I am creating a database. What I want is to create a dropdown list with three choises. When a user selects, lets say "Option A" I want a specific image (such as image-a.jpg) to appear in a certain field. When he chooses "option B" another image (image-b.jpg) should be "attached" in this particular field and so on. What are the steps that I have to follow? Please try to be as specific as possible! Thank you very much for your help! George
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