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  1. That did the trick! Thank you so much!
  2. Unfortunately, I've tried that. No field is selected :/
  3. Hello, I'm running FileMaker Go 15 on iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.2). I had this same issue on FMGo 14 before I upgraded. When I click Create New Find and enter find mode, I enter data into the fields I'd like to search, but the "Search" button in the top right corner is grayed out/unavailable and clicking "Done" or "Go" in the native keyboard doesn't perform the find. I've attached an image in find mode so you can see what I'm talking about. I even have admin privileges and it doesn't work. The Quick Find search seems to be the only thing working. Any insight would be helpful! Thanks i
  4. In the past, things like carriage returns and extra spaces in fields have caused issues, but I haven't been able to pin point anything like that in this case. And it's happening with just those records. If you look at the attached screen shot, the fields that are actually populated on the blank record rows are displayed from the Albums table. This is an export of the Tracks table (child table). I'm so confused as to how it is creating these records and even populating the pulled data from the parent table, but there is no evidence of this happening in the actual database. I searched for blank
  5. Hello, I am exporting data in CSV UTF-8 format. There are 8444 records being exported, but for some reason, the CSV contains 8479 records. When I open the CSV in excel, I can see that there are two albums that have for some reason created a new blank record for every track in the album in addition to the track itself. The database relationship is 1 album has many tracks. Our website groups the tracks by album, so the album ID has to match the track ID. Since these new records only have an album ID and no track info (since they are blank), the website brings back an error and I current
  6. Thank you so much! I originally misunderstood and was exporting to the Documents folder on the server rather in the FMS Documents folder. Works great now. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello, I've scheduled a server side script for the first time. The script is in our CRM database, and it essentially just "shows all" and then performs an export to a specific file path. I have set this to run every night at 8pm. So far, I have not been able to get it to run successfully on schedule. When I run the script in the database itself, it exports the data successfully, but when the server runs the scheduled script, it gives scripting error (800), which is that it can't save the file in that location. Am I doing something wrong? I even changed it so that the file exports
  8. Sorry for being unclear. I'm on a FileMaker Pro license on my computer, but the databases I built are on a server on FM Server 11. I'm just not familiar with setting up server side scripts.
  9. I saw something about server side scripts and was a bit confused about how to set them up. Do I need a separate program? I saw something about ScriptMaker or something like that. Could you provide a bit more info? I appreciate the help!
  10. Hello, I have created a task list for our company and I created fields that allow the users to enter a date on which they would like to receive an email reminder for that task (i.e. meeting scheduled, call so and so, etc.) I had everything set in place, and originally used various triggers to set off the script. First, I had a button that needed to be pressed daily (quite annoying). Then I had it set as a script trigger for when the first person opened the database on a given day. That still wasn't working out well. Any ideas or guidance for setting a scheduled script to go off a
  11. So if I'm able to do that, then I can save the static IP in my favorites (on the open remote window) and be able to access it from outside my network?
  12. Hello, I currently have FMS hosted on a MAC Mini with a static IP setup. Can someone help me set up the server so that my databases can be accessed remotely by users? Do I need to set up a VPN on each user's computer? We are still on FMS 11 and FMP 11. Thank you! Arbel
  13. Hi Everyone, I need some help with a portal I am setting up. I have a table of Music Albums and every album can potentially have up to 4 different publishers. In turn, there are 4 different publisher fields, all with drop down menus that populate from records in the Publishers table. I set up multiple instances of the Publishers table, one for each publisher field in the Music Albums table. I have created a portal in the Publishers database to display all of the Music Albums that a given publisher owns, however it only shows a music album if the publisher is labeled in the Publisher 1 fie
  14. I am a little confused. Will this work the same way for two separate tables? The example you posted used a second occurrence of the same table. Thanks for your help! Never mind, I figured it out and it works. Thanks for your help!
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