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  1. Thanks for your response. The buttons do not have a calculated tooltip, but they do have tool tips and removing that seems to have helped the issue. I did discover that it only seems to happen when my Mac laptop is connected to another monitor. When I unplug the monitor, the jerkiness goes away on the laptop screen.
  2. I am using Citrix to access my FM17 solution. Recently, I noticed that the cursor gets jerky/won't move smoothly over a button that has "change cursor to hand over button" selected. It seems like maybe it's making a call back to the server. If I disable "change cursor to hand" it becomes smooth again. This does not happen when using the client software. I believe this started happening within a month or so; we've been using Citrix for years and don't think this has been an issue. Thanks for any insights.
  3. When I "Save Records as Excel" all the found set records are saved out of the system. However, when I "Export Records," only about two-thirds are exported. What would explain not all records being exported? Thanks.
  4. I am running FM Server 17. I have a weekly "Databases in Folder" back-up schedule that runs weekly. There are four databases in the folder but only three get backed up. It consistently is omitting one of them. Any ideas why that would be occurring?
  5. I am running Webdirect via FM Server 16. I have a report that returns a list of records. When I scroll down the list and enter a field that is below the scroll of the first screen worth of records, the screen reverts back to the first view of records leaving the active field out of view below the scroll. If I scroll down, the cursor is in the correct field and I can enter the data; however, a better user experience would be if the list did not reset/refresh itself. Any suggestions for how to approach this for a better user experience?
  6. Thank you for your response! What about guacamole makes it your favorite? This article http://www.admin-magazine.com/Articles/Guacamole-Remote-Desktop says you can't connect network drives over RDP. I'm not sure what that means. One thing we need to do is upload files from the user's local drive to the Filemaker server via the terminal service. Does Guacamole support that?
  7. My company currently uses Citrix to provide access to our filemaker solution to remote users, and it has worked pretty well. Does anyone know how Windows Remote Desktop compares to Citrix? Thanks.
  8. I have a user in the latest version of Web Direct who continually gets kicked out -- he can't even log in now in Chrome or Safari. He's cleared cookies and cache. The problem had gone away for some weeks but then it recurred today. This is the error message he receives: Any ideas?
  9. I have a report in web direct that shows a list of records. An issue I'm having is when the report includes enough records that the page scrolls, when I change the value of a field, and then click to another record, the page refreshes and leaves me at a different place in the list of records. Not very good from a user perspective. Is there anything I can do to prevent the page from refreshing or does that just happen when the browser sends the changed record info back to the server?
  10. Mike, thanks for your response. It is the server that users are accessing, so I would call it a production server. Thanks again, Mo
  11. I just installed Filemaker Server 16 on a server with 4GB of RAM; it seems to be running fine. However, in reviewing FMS16 documentation, I see that the minimum specs for RAM is 8GB. How concerned should I be about this? https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-server/server-16-specifications.html Thanks for any comments.
  12. Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late acknowledgement. I checked your suggestion but that didn't seem to be it. I had some maximize script steps to compensate for how pop-ups open in Windows. Now that behavior mimics the Mac OS. I do seem to notice it maximizing in some other instances, too.
  13. I'm running Filemaker 16 and Filemaker Server 15. In my Webdirect report with subsummaries, there are seemingly random horizontal lines/rules that don't appear in when the report is viewed using the client software. I don't see anything in the layout that would cause this. Any ideas? Below are screenshots. Thank you. Webdirect view: Client view:
  14. When I launch my solution in FM16, the window is maximizing. This doesn't happen in FM15 and I can't see anything in my opening scripts that would cause the window to maximize. Any ideas?
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