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  1. When I launch my solution in FM16, the window is maximizing. This doesn't happen in FM15 and I can't see anything in my opening scripts that would cause the window to maximize. Any ideas?
  2. WebDirect -- how secure?

    Thank you for these tips, much appreciated!
  3. WebDirect -- how secure?

    Thanks for your response. I think they felt the browser access via ports 80/443 would make the DB vulnerable to hacking.
  4. WebDirect -- how secure?

    I currently have a Filemaker 15 solution running on Filemaker Server 15 Advanced. We are currently accessing the solution on Webdirect via VPN connection. I would like to open ports 80/443 so that users could access the solution without connecting to VPN. However, my IT department has flagged security concerns. My question is how real the security concerns are. I know that Filemaker Server 15 Advanced should be encrypting the data. Would that make a non-VPN connection secure? Thanks for any advice.
  5. I see, many thanks for your reply and insights!
  6. Thank you for your response, just seeing this today. To open ports 80/443, would I contact my IT department and/or is there anything I should do in Filemaker Server configuration? Thanks again.
  7. There are two IP addresses I use to access my FM solution on FM Server -- for the first, I need to be connected to my company's VPN and for the other I don't. However, I'm only able to access the file via WebDirect using the one with VPN, but not the other. xxx.16.xx.36/fmi/webd -- requires VPN and works. xx.xxx.118.36/fmi/webd -- non-VPN and doesn't work. Any insights into why only one of these IP's works for Webdirect while they both work for client access? Thanks, Mo
  8. 0 and 1 showing in value list on filtered portal

    Thanks for your reply, much appreciated, and sorry if I'm not being clear. The fields being used are a global and a calculation -- the calculation result is set to Text, though. It does seem that you are onto something with IsEmpty returning 1 and 0, thank you for that insight. I have been working it some more and recreated my fields and now it is working as expected without the IsEmpty line. Thank you again!
  9. I'm using a field-based value list in conjunction with a filtered portal based on a relationship. The filtered portal seems to be working fine. However, "1" and "0" are showing in the value list though neither of those values are in any records. Issue #2 is that unless I include "IsEmpty (fieldname)" in the calculation field used in the relationship, all my portal fields have to contain data or the record doesn't show in the portal. In other filtered portals, I've never added "IsEmpty" to the calculation field and records have shown in the the portal regardless of empty values (see yellow highlight in screenshot). Thanks for any insights on these two issues.
  10. Web Viewer won't play youtube or vimeo pages

    I guess the easiest workaround is to use the Open URL command. In this instance, it does what i need it to.
  11. Web Viewer won't play youtube or vimeo pages

    Thank you for your reply. I followed some instructions on an Apple help page to reinstall the Flash plug-in and adjusted Safari settings always to allow Flash. If I go to YouTube in Safari, I can play videos, no problem. However, when I bring up YouTube in a Webviewer from the Filemaker client, the page shows up but I get a "blocked plug-in" message for any videos. And from WebDirect, the page doesn't appear at all. I am able to play Vimeo videos in the Webviwer from Filemaker client; but from WebDirect, the Vimeo page doesn't show at all.
  12. Web Viewer won't play youtube or vimeo pages

    Amending the above -- the problem seems limited to Webdirect. And it also seems that Safari blocks the flash plug-in.
  13. I'm setting a webviewer with URLs from a separate field. It works fine for most URLs, however, YouTube URLs and Vimeo URLs aren't rendering, nothing shows in the webviewer. Videos play fine if part of a page like http://cnn.com. I have the webviewer in a popover. The attached screen: - fm screen: how the URLs are formatted in a URL field - fm screen2: what the web viewer does with a youtube url - fm screen3: what the web viewer does with a cnn.com page with a video playing - fm screen4: what the web viewer set up looks like. Thanks for any insights.
  14. Thanks very much for your response. Do you think demo'ing Webdirect using join.me or GTM is generally unworkable and should be avoided or would it be fine in some instances?
  15. I recently did a demo for a colleague of some Webdirect layouts via Join.me. She was located in California and I was in Brooklyn, NY. While the layouts had been performing fine for me, when I started to show her the layouts via Join.me, I started experiencing repeated page refreshes. While this is not the first time I've experienced excessive page refreshes in Webdirect, I was wondering if possibly Join.me was contributing to the problem in that instance. Any thoughts around the impact of Join.me and page refreshes in Webdirect?

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