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  1. Is there a way to check when a Pdf file is valid or not ? As you see it comes from https://www.vescom.com/download4720_Technische informatie lijm Vescom 2000 - NL.pdf. When I select this in a browser then it works well.
  2. With the plugin from BaseElements I'm trying to append two pfd files which are located in container fields and put the result in a third container field. There goes something wrong. I think the reason for the problem is the pdf document in field container 2. Can someone see what the problem is ? I made a test solution where you can see the problem import url V4.fmp12
  3. Hello, I'm new on this forum and I like some more information about PostDatatoUrl. I like to use this function to check a VAT number on a site. It's not totally clear for me which the exact contents has to be for the parameters key, value, url For now I got something like this : PostDataToURL( ? ; Company::TVA_Number ;"http://ec.europa.eu/...VatService.wsdl?" ) The field TVA_Number from the table Company got something like this BE0123456789. Which is the parameter for 'key' and are the values for 'value' and 'url' correct ? Thanx for helping me. Donamd
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