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  1. In case anyone sees this in the future... Visually, everything worked how I needed it to. I had probelms getting the relationship to filter the totals correctly in the portal so I changed the calculations to use the ExecuteSQL function to have more control over the relationships and the report works fine and looks like some subsummary parts are open while others are closed.
  2. While it's going to take a while to get the relationships and calculations right, I deleted the subcategory subsummary part and added a filtered portal to the main subsummary part that slides up and resizes enclosing part. Visually it works, I just need to fight with the calculations to get the report right again.
  3. Hello I have a subsummary report with a main group and subcategories. Some main groups only have one subcategory which is the same as the main group. Other main groups have up to 4 subcategories. Is there a way to hide the subcategory line for the groups with only one subcategory which is the same as the main group? If it were a pivot table in Excel I would just close the row. Thank you
  4. If you're looking to use longitude and latitude in the web address instead of the address, take a look at: https://support.google.com/maps/answer/18539?hl=en If you're trying to get longitude and latitude from the web viewer, it looks like it's in the url after "Click to see this area on Google Maps" in the source code. Sample below: <a title="Click to see this area on Google Maps" href="https://maps.google.com/maps?source=embed&q=87+E+42nd+St,+New+York,+NY,+10017&iwloc=0&ll=40.756896,-73.977449&spn=0.014011,0.027466&z=16&vpsrc=6&oi=map_misc&ct=api_log
  5. Interesting solution. I'll have to give it a try for future use. For the specific report I created, for how users have started using the report, capturing the sort fields seems less important than it did when I created it. They're usually only picking one field and it's obvious which one it is. Thanks
  6. Hello Is it possible to capture the fields sorted by in a variable? I have a sub-summary report with multiple sub-summary parts. The script will be set to Sort Records with dialog so users can take out or rearrange the order of the fields. I'd like to capture the actual sort order and use the variable as a header in the report. I see sort state as a get function, but don't see a get function for sorted fields. Is it possible to capture? Thank you.
  7. Is there an easy way to use the plug in to track if a response was received to an email sent using the plugin?
  8. That's what I've done in the past, but since it seemed to be part of the theme, I was wondering if it could be accessed through the CSS or XML.
  9. Hello How can you access the print layout in the style sheet or XML file? This may be a surprise but I don't want the theme color or image to print in the background. I understand the basics of modifying the style sheet and creating custom themes but do not see where modes are differentiated. Thank you
  10. I just ran a test in FMP 11 and the portal is included in Preview-Copy. Is this a FMP 12 with Windows 7 bug?
  11. Attached please find an example database, Copy of Preview and actual screenshot. For me it seems to be all databases that do not pick up the portal data if I copy in Preview mode. Is this true for everyone? PortalScreenshotExample.zip
  12. To answer: "I ended up having it go to the same record number in the second window" ..and you did this, how? To explain what I'm doing a little, the second window is a Calculator that allows a user to click on fields in the first window, sets a global text field to add the field name so the user can build calculations. A second field then evaluates the calculation for each record. This calculator floats as the top window until closed. Navigation is only in the first window, but there's nothing stopping a user from performing a find or sorting in the second window. What I di
  13. I ended up having it go to the same record number in the second window, checking to make sure it is still on the same record ID and if not it reopens the second window.
  14. Yes it previews fine and prints fine. It's just copying the page from preview mode that doesnt pick up the portals.
  15. When you preview you can copy to grab a screenshot of the page being previewed. My portals aren't copying. Is that just how it works?
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