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  1. angbrav

    top 10 report

    I tried your solution and it works! thank very much!
  2. angbrav

    top 10 report

    Sorry, I don't know how to create that relationship.. I already have a relationship between them using the ClientID but I don't know how to add the year os the bill in that relationship. Would you mind being more specific?
  3. angbrav

    top 10 report

    After 56 views and no reply, I guess what I'm trying to do is not possible... Could does anyone tell me if I should discard this idea?
  4. angbrav

    top 10 report

    Hi everyone! Firstly, I'd like to clarify that I'm not sure if this post fits in this section. If not, feel free to reallocated! Secondly, I'm going to present my problem: - My DB. I have a table of Clients. This table is linked to a Bills table in a 1...n relationship using the clientID. I am storing when the bill was generated. - I'm trying to generate a report which shows a top 10 of clients for a given year. The clients should be sorted for the amount of money they spent. That amount would be generated as the sum of client's bills for the year chosen. My main problem
  5. I have done what you told me. One problem has shown up! I am placing the fields from bill in the leading sub-summary part. When I go to "preview mode" the entire part disappears.. so the fields, which I want to print, don't appear any more. Is there option to set the sub-summary part printable? Thank you
  6. As usual you solved my problem! Thank you very very much!
  7. Hi everyone! I've been reading lots of post about printing a portal.. but I didn't find a solution which could solve my problem. The problem is the following: I have a table in my DB which is storing bills. Each bill is composed by products. Products are represented in a different table. Both tables are linked by billID. In the layout which is going to be printable, It has a header and a footer where I am placing all the stuff I want to be replicated in every page. Plus, I have a body part which is just composed by the products which are composing the bill. Right now, I am using
  8. Hi everyone! I am trying to do something which I think it should be quite easy to implement. I have a layout (called Projects) from which I create new Budgets, which it is a different layout and table. Both tables are linked by a field in the DB. Therefore, what I am trying to do is a script which goes from Projects to the other layout and create a new record. My problem is the following; I need to link both tables inserting the value of the field id of Projects table to the field projectID of Budgets table. I am getting an error because the field projectID is not in the Budgets layo
  9. Thank you so much!! Both replies have been really useful!!!
  10. Hi! This is my first post, I'll try not to bother u with stupid questions! (I hope this is the place for this question) I m developing my very first FM application! It s going quite slow but I m making some progress. My question is the following: I m hiding status bar so I have no way to navigate between layers. Therefore, I m decided to create my own navigator menu (kind of custom menu). 1) I would like to make it dynamic (just in case I need to add a new layer). For this purpose, I m quite sure I have to create my menu using the DB, so that, I'd be able to modify the menu by a
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