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  1. Thank you very much, Lee. That's what I wanted to see: something that's so simple that I can figure it out myself (I hope).
  2. Thanks to both of you. I have searched the forum archive and I have learned af few things. I will return later.
  3. I'm sorry I'm pulling the level down to the basics, but I lack the basic knowledge of how a relational database works. My wish is to create a database of genealogical data that can be expanded as needed, but first I have to be able to decide which tables and fields are needed and then what relationships to create. The overall goal is to enter different archives and tie them together at the person level. Right now I'm entering marriages in 32 parishes and then census for the same parishes. Later, several archives will come to. The task is to identify the individuals and associate
  4. Thank you very much, Consultant. Job's done!
  5. I guess you're right about that. dd/mm/yyyy is the default system setting in Danish. Hmmm, I'm exporting via a script. I cantt find this option in the dialog boxes. Can I (and how do I) add it as a line in the xsl-file?
  6. A date field in my database is formatted as 2015-03-01 in the layout mode. When exporting to a csv the date is written 01/03/2015. Why and how do I change it?
  7. A couple of years ago I managed to create a trigger whichs opens my database in Filemaker at 7 o'clock in the morning. Now I want to change the behavior of that script, but I have completely forgotten how I made it. I have been reading about 'script triggers' and related topics, but this havn't solved the problem. In the menu 'Manage scripts* I havn't got anything like it. Where is such af script/trigger defined and stored og how can I edit it? I'm running Mac OS Yosemite. I have been looking in the calender, but can't find any actions starting 7 a.m. seven days a week. P.S. My
  8. I'm putting together material (tutorials, etc.) in order to establish a relational database for classical CDs. It should necessarily be a many-to-many, when a CD having one or more composers and one or more artists, and these may occur on one or more CDs. All this is trivial, but how do I handle pseudonyms and name variations? Example: The composer Dmitri Shostakovich's name is / can be written in many ways on the many CD releases. When I am in my CD database and draws information from the composer database, the data here of course only should be registered in one place and here I choose the
  9. I'm sorry, Bruce. When I click for Specify only Upload are selectable ... (= not present in the box) My script is supposed to work in layout "Products" and it does very well, but if "Upload" is active I would like the script to switch to the layout "Products" but it doesn't do that in real life.. It's a little difficult to select it since this is not selectable.
  10. Actually I only have two layouts: Products and Upload. When I click for Specify only Upload are selectable ... and Original layout offcourse. I must admit that I don't know what Original layout refers to (shame on me - I MUST read much more in Help
  11. A combination of #8 and #11 works perfectly (thanks to others too): Enter Find Mode [] Go to Layout [original layout] Set Field [Product::Store; "="] New Record/Request Set Field [Product::Store; "x"] Perform Find [] I am really sorry to pull the thread down to an unnecessary low level. Next time I will think a little more before I ask a question
  12. Ach you Lieber. I realize (better late than never?) that the representation of my script was dumber than strictly necessary. A little forethought on my part would / should have spotted the errors you point out. Now I will fix it and hope that I will not need to ask again. My problem is that I AM and always WILL be a novice. It often takes weeks or months between that I need to do something like this. Going to a course and / or reading thick books will be wasted, since I never get reprocess experience and routine in practice.
  13. The script is in FM 11.0v4 inhouse; not published or connected online in anyway. My script: Go to Layout [original layout] Enter Find Mode [] Perform Find [] Set Field [Product::Store; "x"] The construction of Set Fields was described in my previous post.
  14. Hmmm, this seems to develop a little embarrassing. It is clearly demonstrated highly competent answers I get, but at my stage, I have fundamental problems in testing them. Goofy among experts if I may say so. I have read and read (Eg http://www.filemaker.com/help/11/fmp/html/scripts_ref1.36.39.html), but nowhere am I get taken by the hand and guided step by step on how "Set Field" operated. In order to arrive at something that is similar to the Comment's line Set Field [Your Field; "x"], I have - after many attempts - reached the following steps: "Set Field" from the left pane Specify targ
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